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STOP Working against your neurology. Use science to cure your disorder.

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Jun 03, 2020

I'm going to attempt to show you why the most utilised and accredited practices will perpetuate and worsen your anxiety disorder and symptoms.

Despite what you have been told, these will only serve to exacerbate the problem for you.


Human neurology is fixed by evolution - you cannot do anything about how your bodily systems work.

These following provisions work against your mind's neurology and provide what your anxiety needs to survive but not to switch off.

It wants to switch off and it's looking for any sign that it can do so safely, but these practices tell the mind that it is not safe and that your current level of fear is both appropriate and necessary.

  • any form of talking therapy or counselling
  • tapping or EFT
  • EMDR or eye movement desensitisation
  • Exposure therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Breathing exercises
  • Regression therapy

All of these therapies exacerbate and perpetuate anxiety conditions.

This isn't opinion, this is simple, confirmed science and anyone who tells you differently is either ignorant or profiting from you.

In order to overcome any form of emotional distress, the body and mind have developed over millenia to re-balance; to naturally return to normal responses and to protect all humans from developing disordered emotions... but evolution never could have predicted or made a contingency plan for, a group of humans stepping in and prevent recovery in order to profit from it.

Yes, that's right. Despite Lang and James, the forefathers of modern psychological practice, TELLING psychology that cognitive therapy cannot work because thoughts do not activate emotional response, they decided to lie to their patients, twist the scientific truth and profit from billions of cases.

The practices used within psychology and psychiatry can only make things worse... or, at best, hold patients in disorder for long enough for them to profit from the suffering.

Even when you feel reassured and your anxiety temporarily reduces, despite what you think or how nice your practitioner is... it's harming you. It's preventing recovery. It;s stopping your mind from resetting.

This is why, without exception, our team of psychology professionals have abandoned psychological practice models and have turned to science.

It's also why our practice removes anxiety fast and permanently.

It utilises the correct science.

So, if you are wondering how to recover quickly, it's simple.


Charles Linden

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