Anxiety and Lump In The Throat - Globus Hystericus

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Anxiety and Lump In The Throat - Globus Hystericus

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Aug 01, 2019

Do you ever get:

  • A feeling of tightness in your throat
  • A lump in your throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • A choking feeling

Has anyone ever told you what it is or why you get it?
Has anyone ever told you that it's harmless?
Has anyone ever told you that humans have this 'built into them' by evolution and that it once served a purpose in humans?
Has anyone told you that it's called Globus Hystericus?

If no one has satisfactorily explained what Globus Hystericus is, why it happens, why it is apparent in humans and what you can do about it... they are either negligent or under-trained!

In another article I told a short story about how a panel of 16 psychologists and psychiatrists had failed to explain what a panic attack is... and how only 9 had been able to identify where the adrenal glands are situated in the body... 2 thought they were in the brain.

Here's another example that highlights why you have suffered without relief.

One client, a very famous person who lives on the west coast of the USA, had spent 12 years seeing psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, gastroenterologists and other 'ists' in an endless search for a solution to a symptom that had baffled specialists for so long.

Now, bare in mind that this person is worth over $200 million... so money wasn't an issue for them. They had exhausted all options looking for a solution and finally had booked an explanatory operation to discover the cause.

The client was convinced that their focus on the lump in their throat, was the CAUSE of their anxiety and that IF they could just identify it, they would become (magically) anxiety free.


The COMPULSION follows the fear.

In fight or flight... the fear response... you identify risk, you risk assess and you ACT.

In anxiety the same is true. The lump in your throat you experience during anxiety (and fear) is the result of fear response, not the cause of fear.

I spent no more than 15 minutes explaining Globus to the client and the relief was overwhelming.

Less than a week later, not only, was his Globus Hystericus gone for good but they were back on stage, happy, OCD, anxiety and health anxiety free for the first time in 40 years.

I am only slightly saddened that he hasn't spoken out about his recovery - many people are inspired by celebrity stories and he is a major celebrity.

But WHY does a lump in your throat have anything to do with fear and anxiety?


In our evolutionary past, we were once newt-like animals... amphibious animals that would move in and out of water freely - without drowning.

They did this by the activation of a dive response which included a muscular contraction around the wind pipe in order to stop water filling the lungs. The muscles implicated made the throat 'feel tight'.

It did not prevent swallowing or breathing - it simply prevented drowning.

This tiny, now useless, muscle, still exists in humans, millennia later.

It serves no purpose in our current bodies and now that we are hundreds of times bigger than our ancestral 'newts', it feels 'tight' when the fear response is activated.

It CANNOT and WILL NOT harm you.

But how do you get rid of it?


You do exactly as I instruct in The Linden Method... the simple process that evolution (also) developed to switch off fear and therefore anxiety.

Anxiety is disordered fear response. It is NOT a mental illness. It is NOT caused by chemical imbalance. It IS very quickly curable.

I had Globus Hystericus for 22 years on and off (mostly on).

It was one of my most significant focuses, BUT when I discovered the science of anxiety and recovery, it all stopped in ONE day.

The lie psychology, psychiatry and medicine tells us all is that anxiety disorders are mental health issues activated by trauma and that talking therapy and medication are the only treatment options... it's just not true.

Anxiety conditions are unconnected with mental ill-health.

They have nothing to do with frailty, 'the nerves' or 'breakdown'.

They are unrelated to depression.

They cannot respond to drugs.

They will not respond to talking therapy, hypnosis or any other offered intervention.


Because that's science.

The science of human evolution and our biological development.


Helener discusses her recovery from Globus Hystericus and her anxiety conditions.

 Our recovery efficacy rate for permanent recovery from anxiety conditions is 100%.

Who measured that statistic? The UK government's National Health Service.

They created a testing specification that they said was robust and evidence based - so we used it... much to their own surprise it was over 900% more effective than talking therapies, counselling, CBT, hypnosis, EFT, EMDR or drug therapy... why? Science.

Do TLM and I assure you that your Globus Hystericus and every other manifestation of your fear disorder will FADE AWAY for good.

Charles Linden

Director - Linden Tree Education




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