Psychiatry is to blame for anxiety disorder suffering

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Psychiatry is to blame for anxiety disorder suffering

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Aug 25, 2019

For decades... perhaps, even, centuries, people have been told that the only people qualified to deal with the emotions are psychologists and psychiatrists, but actually, their training is totally unassociated with 90% of mental health suffering.

We are socially programmed to accept some 'social norms':

  • trust the priest
  • trust the doctor
  • trust the bank manager
  • trust the psychiatrist/psychologist

I'll say no more about that, I am sure we all have our views....

Psychiatry and psychology form the 'bedrock' of all psychiatric practice and is heavily underpinned by the DSM - BUT, none of it is 'science'... it all makes massive and inaccurate assumptions, creating business models based on flawed and unproven science... hence the pandemic of mental health suffering.

I've sat in meetings with hundreds of psychology professionals sine 1984, both as a patient and professionally and the confused, misinformed and often malicious nonsense I have heard defending their practices never ceases to amaze me.

Evidence based practice - Really? What evidence? Don’t take it from me... ask the question.

I did and it took the Commissioner of MH services 11 weeks to get back to me with their tail between their legs. Evidence is of attendance only... NOT recovery.

A head of CAMHS recently told me that in 2 decades in NHS MH practice he had NEVER seen a child 'recover'... I see people recover every day... so what does that tell us?

It clearly outlines the dismal, distressing and highly dangerous state of MH practice.

I ask clinicians a series of questions when they start to get feisty... most tut and answer.

What are the questions?

  1. What is a panic attack?
  2. Where are your adrenal glands?
  3. How are anxiety and depression related?
  4. What is OCD?
  5. What causes the lump in the throat?
  6. What is anorexia?
  7. How is conscious thought involved in anxiety conditions?
  8. What is the ONE cause of all FEAR disorders?

How many psychiatrists or psychologists have been able to answer these questions? (Probably over 400 I have asked).

NONE... OK, a handful knew where the adrenal glands sit, BUT NONE could answer the other questions.

So these 'learned' individuals, treating people of all ages with their own version of science, couldn't answer the most vital, fundamental and most reassurance seeking questions that all of their clients will have either asked or considered... why? Ignorance. Bad science. Greed... who knows BUT it's not that they want to learn the science and use it in practice.

If you are a sufferer and are sat there wondering why you still suffer... now you know.

To recover, you need to know the answers to those questions and more.

You need clear, simple, scientifically verifiable instructions on what to do to recover.

You need SUPPORT that knocks down every single obstacle to recovery.

You need people who've suffered, recovered, qualified in recovery practice and have the experience of administering REAL recovery.


I assure you 100% that what we show you will reset your emotions totally and genuinely transform your life and your beliefs about yourself.

Charles Linden



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