Vogue USA Fashion Editor Plum Sykes

Plum was referred to The LInden Method by her great friend, Lady Jemma Mornington (Jemma Kidd) who had, along with her sister, Supermodel Jodie Kidd ,used the program to cure her anxiety and panic attacks.

Plum had been diagnosed with Vertigo, Migraine and anxiety and had been seeking medical intervention with some of the best doctors in the World.

In 2010, Plum started The Linden Method and felt immediate improvements. She felt compelled to come to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat, where she interacted with and supported the other attendees in their recoveries.

Plum is an inspiration. As a person, she is driven, gifted and her intellect, like all sufferers, is incredible; as an ex sufferer she is outspoken about her belief in anxiety recovery and her support of sufferers everywhere.

Plum has written an article about Charles, the Retreats and The Linden Method for the April 2012 release of Vogue USA.

Plum Said “I had been very ill during and after a recent pregnancy, and had terrible anxiety and nervousness as a result of the illness, even though I was slowly getting better. I met Charles and went on the retreat, and started following his method immediately. It really worked and now I am doing all the things again that I used to, but that I had sadly stopped doing – I started riding again, working, going out and about, driving, taking the train etc. – the things that make life fun, which I had felt unable to do. I highly recommend the Anxiety Recovery Retreat or the Linden Method Home Learning Program if you can’t get there.” Plum Sykes

Supermodel Jodie Kidd and Sister, Lady Jemma Mornington, used The Linden Method to become panic attack free

A three-part series for Channel 4 , Gok Teens: The Naked Truth, featuring Charles Linden on The Linden Method

Bergdorf Blondes’ author and Vogue USA Fashion Editor, Plum Sykes, on her experience using The Linden Method

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