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In his series on Channel 4, Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth, Gok is reigniting his commitment to get teenagers the help and support they need to deal with personal issues through body confidence lessons in school. Gok helps 12 teenagers to face their fears and live their dreams one of which is 16 year old Kyle Vanes from Sheffield who had become agoraphobic and suffered from high anxiety and panic attacks due to bullying and being beaten up outside his house.

Charles Linden was asked to help Kyle to beat his fears and working with The Linden Method, in just three days, Kyle was able to travel to London alone from Sheffield to meet up with Gok again and on 12th May he, Gok and a team of petitioners went to Parliament to meet with a group of MPs, something Kyle never thought he would previously be able to achieve.


Kyle & His Mum Talk About Kyle's Recovery


An inspiring video by 15-year-old Hollie


An inspiring recovery video by Rachel


Supermodel Jodie Kidd and Sister, Lady Jemma Mornington, used The Linden Method to become panic attack free

A three-part series for Channel 4 , Gok Teens: The Naked Truth, featuring Charles Linden on The Linden Method

Bergdorf Blondes’ author and Vogue USA Fashion Editor, Plum Sykes, on her experience using The Linden Method

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