Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder – The Truth

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Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder – The Truth

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Aug 01, 2019

If you suffer from panic attacks or panic disorder, you don’t need to be told how they feel, the symptoms and thoughts they produce or ‘stock-answers’ about adrenalin and flight or fight.

My name is Charles, I am director of Linden Tree Education and once upon a time... I WAS just like you.

I asked a panel of 16 practising psychologists and psychiatrists to answer a simple question…


…three hours later we were still waiting for a sensible, scientific answer.

You'd think, or at least like to believe, that this would be a simple question for such 'educated' people to answer.

I guess you could argue that they were not particularly well informed, but that wasn’t true. They had a combined 360 + years of practice experience.

Given that these people were all degree level educated and 7 of them held doctorates, you will be shocked to learn that none could explain the biological truth about anxiety, its activation or what, indeed, a panic attack IS.

Nor could they tell me how anxiety disorder forms, how OCD is related to anxiety, what causes over-thinking, what depersonalization is, why people suffer and 9 of them didn't even know where the adrenal glands sit... 9 qualified people couldn't identify the position of the TWO glands that activate and perpetuate fear disorders.

Need I say more?

Between 1972 and 1996, I had around 9,000 panic attacks. Some mild, limited symptom, attacks. Some severe enough to land me in the emergency room.  

The photos above are me... aged between 1 month and 13 years. As you can see, I wasn't much of a 'smiler'... with anxiety, emetophobia, OCD, Pure O, eating disorder and panic disorder dominating these years, it wasn't surprising that I didn't smile much.

MY Panic Attacks - Maybe yours are similar?

Let me describe a typical panic attack: Mine would start with a sudden and intense feeling in the centre of my chest/upper abdomen – the signal that it was about to hit me. The sensations quickly reached my head and limbs creating an immediate ‘spin’ in my head… my heart would race like a steam train and my breathing became faster but laboured. I’d look pale and start to sweat. My limbs would feel heavy and I’d experience tingling in my hands and feet. My stomach would churn and I’d often feel sick to the stomach. My eyes would feel like they were staring and my ears would often ring. Swallowing was difficult and the sensation would often cause me to feel even more panicky.

My panic attacks would generally be accompanied by what I believed were thoughts… thoughts that I am dying, having a heart attack, a stroke or some other deadly experience. I’d experience dark thoughts and despite wanting ‘help’, I’d run from other people. My levels of anger would escalate and I’d become aggressive towards others, even those that tried to help me. As my panic attack reduced and went away, I’d be left worn out, shaky, terrified that another might happen.

At all other times I was anxious, I had OCD, agoraphobia, eating disorder, emetophobia and a variety of inappropriate thoughts… sexual, religious, existentialist, homosexual and aggressive thoughts that convinced me that I was losing my mind. Now, however, in hindsight, it was all fiction… mind BS created by fear disorder.

I was SHOCKED but unsurprised that none of my own advisers and NOT ONE of the hundreds of psychologists and psychiatrists I have worked with since, have been able to correctly explain anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions, compulsions or any of the connected conditions and symptoms. 

When I sit with clients in sessions (over 30,000 since 1997), their stories are mirror images of my own experiences. In NOT ONE case has anyone experienced relief... until they come to us.

Why am I unsurprised?

Because since I recovered in 1996, I have worked with the very best in the fields of neurology and psycho-physiology, the TRUE sciences of behaviour and the emotions and the over-riding facts that you and all sufferers need to know is this…

PSYCHOLOGY & PSYCHIATRY and all associated psychological practice DOES NOT use the science of these disorders in practice. Anxiety and panic attacks have NOTHING to do with your psychology and certainly aren’t ‘medical’ in nature.

The DSM, which is what they all use to diagnose you and then treat you, is a work of fiction and assumption. Psychology and psychiatry are not at all associated sciences – this means that your disorder could, as effectively, be treated by a chiropodist, dentist or veterinary surgeon.

I know this sounds harsh but medically, it is true.

So why do these people treat anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, compulsions and other disorders of the emotions?

Because a long time ago, people assumed that they happen in the mind, like dementia or learning disorders… but they do not. They actually happen in your thoracic cavity in a system that controls hormone release.

Do you see where this is going?

OK, here’s another clue. What is adrenalin?

CORRECT, it’s a hormone… the one that activates your fear, anxiety and panic attacks.

Where is it released from?

The head? The brain? The neck? No, from your adrenal glands that sit right on top of your kidney just below your ribs.

9 out of 16 psychologists didn't know that.

Now do you start to see the reality of your suffering?

You see, you don’t have a mental illness at all… which is why psychiatry and psychology have failed dismally to help you.

Reassurance is not recovery. Recovery is recovery and it’s simple when you know how.


What does this mean to you?

1.    Neither psychology nor psychiatry (medication) can correct or influence your anxiety levels.
2.    Neither practice provides anything more than reassurance.
3.    Most of their practices will perpetuate your suffering.

BUT, most importantly, it means that recover is guaranteed if you DO what your brain need to happen in order to recover.

So all of your disappointment that nothing you have tried has worked, is built on fiction… because the truth is, you have been misled and that stops NOW.

Because you have never done anything that CAN work… it has all failed.

GREAT NEWS… because now you know why it failed, you no longer have to feel disheartened.

It’s like failing your driving test over and over and then discovering that the test vehicle is faulty… it’s so easily fixed.

The true science of anxiety disorders, panic attacks and recovery doesn’t lie in psychology and psychiatry… it lies in science… the science that developed in you through evolution.

What is a panic attack? It’s your body’s automatic response to having too much adrenalin in your blood stream… it would be used up by fighting or fleeing from a REAL threat, but in anxiety conditions, there is no real threat so the adrenalin isn’t effectively used up.

Your body activates a panic attack to mimic running… the net effect, after the turmoil has settled, is that your body is purged of the adrenalin and you go back to (relative) emotional calm.

Do you want to end your anxiety and panic attack suffering?

Do you want to remove phobias, compulsions and inappropriate thoughts?

Do you want to be emetophobia, OCD and eating disorder free?

Do you want to live every day in peace and calm?

Hopefully, I have convinced you that my record of personally curing over 12,000 people and, through our programs have cured over 300,000 since 1997, is true.

Hopefully I have also convinced you that from 1972 till 1996 I WAS you… and am now the recovered version of you.

Our programs are the world’s only accredited psycho-educational recovery programs, tested by the UK’s NHS – demonstrating 100% recovery outcomes.

Our recovery team are waiting to reassure you and assure your fast and life-long recovery. Is it easy?

Kids of seven do it with ease, so if you are reading and understanding this article… you’ll be anxiety free in no time.

Charles Linden
Director LTE

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