Providers of Psycho-education to individuals, NHS, Corporates and Education since 1997.
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Psycho-educational Recovery

Psychologist Led Recovery with live phone, email and ZOOM support when you need it.
For all anxiety disorders, phobias, low mood, eating disorders, OCD and associated conditions and symptoms

100% Recovery success in NHS testing

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Simple Instructions

Our videos have been developed over 26 years of practice to make recovery simple, fast and permanent

Qualified Support

Our psycho-educators work to strict guidelines laid down by NICE, the BPS and BACP

Fast Results

Our experience tells us that this process reverses anxiety disorders quickly. We will help you every step of the way

Psycho-education - The Science of Recovery

Knowledge - Instructions - Support

Psychoeducation is a coaching intervention that involves the coach providing their client with information about their diagnosis, symptoms and the method of treatment used. It is not like other therapies that simply discuss feelings - psychoeducation refers to a structured and specific method of providing knowledge, instructions and support leading to full recovery.

NHS - Psycho-education is a well established evidence based practice. It includes empowering patients with necessary skills and support to achieve full recovery".


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"Before I started the program, I was skeptical because I had had CBT, medication, hypnotherapy, EFT and EMDR for over 14 years and nothing had helped. Within 2 days of strrting TLM my life was 75% better and within a week, I was agoraphobia, anxiety and OCD free."

Katie Hart

"It's just magical. I suffered panic disorder for 9 years after my wife died. Now I wake up excited about life. TLM helped me to stop the panic attacks in a day and went on to help me overcome my grief and GAD in less than two weeks. I recommend it to all my staff and students."

Alan Master

FREE Anxiety Recovery Advice Video

Beth Linden talks you through the facts about anxiety recovery and how fast recovery is inevitable when you know the facts




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