COVID-activated OCD pandemic will destroy society for decades.

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GLO-CD - The REAL pandemic

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Nov 30, 2020

GLO-CD - the Activation of a Global Pandemic of OCD Due to the COVID19 Event

Prior to March, many of those people genetically predisposed to developing fear disorders were 'waiting in the wings' unknowingly nurturing and protecting their predispositions in a subconscious behavioural 'ring fence'.

Recognising their, less than normal, response to stress and fear stimuli, they have often spent years, decades even, manipulating their lives and the people around them, believing that their inappropriate emotional responses are 'just the way they are'.

They and the people around them, have accepted their perceived frailties and sensitivities, not understanding the nature of their source.

They are predisposed, just like the rest of the 40-70% of all humans. They only defer or prevent activation of disorder... by 'chance' and not at all by design or through conscious response.

What happened in March?

In March 2020, the media and governmental responses to a, comparatively clinically irrelevant, virus fast-tracked the development of fear disorder in all those predisposed.

All the 'sleepers' were activated.

The vital, relevant and appropriate questions are...

  1. ...are you responding to real, provable risk appropriately?
  2. ...are you mask wearing, washing hands and social distancing because you are experiencing constant fear (disordered response)
  3. ...are you following guidance because you are pre-set to follow rules despite your belief in the underlying science?
  4. ...are you following guidance for fear of being judged?

Now, tens of millions have been added to the pre-existing tens of millions who previously suffered from OCD. A condition with a meaningless acronym and a mental health categorisation that makes no sense whatsoever... but let's shelve that discussion for now.

Panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, health anxiety, self-harming and eating disorder sufferers would have been told and will state clearly... "well I don't have OCD" and since 1997, when I recovered from OCD and other anxiety conditions, I have heard thousands state just that.

When the science is taught... they all, without exception, change their minds. Including the 1000's of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and many other 'ists' who we have cured.

ALL anxiety conditions are OCD.

Any condition that activates the process that creates obsessive focus on a risk or number of risks, followed by a safety seeking action (compulsion) is OCD.

Whether the anxious focus is hand washing, contamination, light-switching, distance from home, food or vomiting is irrelevant.

Now, millions suffer from OCD - mostly contamination OCD, activated by catastrophic media and government messaging.

How many people suffered from OCD prior to March?

How many of those people were cured by healthcare and mental healthcare?

It is clear that of the tens of millions who suffered with OCD prior to March 2020 were not cured by mental or clinical healthcare. The suffering was growing year by year and exponentially so, due to factors that healthcare neither scientifically understand nor can provide a solution for. The science evades them.

Now the problem is greater than the world could have ever managed.

Now, the pandemic isn't a relatively harmless virus... it's the Pandora's Box that had previously only had a slight leak.

The socio-economic impact of GL-OCD is catastrophic.

How will it impact?


  1. Lack of ability to operate normally and move around freely
  2. Lack of the ability to concentrate
  3. Multiple physiological issues concerning the heart, lungs and digestion
  4. The psychosomatic manifestation of multiple health and mental health related issues
  5. Panic disorder
  6. Multiple obsessive compulsive focuses
  7. Insomnia
  8. Derealisation and depersonalisation
  9. Agoraphobia, monophobia, emetophobia
  10. Intrusive thoughts
  11. Low mood


  1. Absenteeism and presenteeism
  2. Cost of access to care
  3. Loss of work and the impact on the family
  4. Cost of emergency service callouts
  5. Cost of A&E and NHS direct calls and sessions
  6. Cost of private insurance claims
  7. Weight of 'frequent fliers' and 'heartsink patients' on GP and hospital services
  8. Impact of stigma on millions of sufferers
  9. Direct impact on self-employed and private companies
  10. Impact on socialising and hospitality

There are many more to list; but it is clear that this represents the greatest risk to society in human history and that my prediction of this in March and my ignored pleas to ministers, health services and industry to listen to the science and prepare for the impending tsunami of suffering, have come to fruition. 

This is truly catastrophic... why?

Because this isn't a transient virus... this is the global activation of systemic disorder.

This has created a dangerous detour in human physical evolution... these people are disordered cogs in a powerful genetic machine that has just been set of course by inaction, ignorance and protectionism. Protectionism over broken, unscientific treatments that had failed for decades... undetected money machines surviving or credentials, ignoring science and profiting massively... a system that is now bereft of any solution focused ideas... an industry filled with fear; fear of being exposed.

Those who suffer need facts. They need science. They need instruction. They need guidance that leads them swiftly to recovery - the world needs that - it's vital to the return to health and maintenance of wellbeing in billions of people.

They DO NOT need what has always failed them.

They don't need superficial, short term fixes that stroke egos and reassure - reassurance temporarily lowers fear, but is redundant as a therapeutic tool - it helped to manage the body of sufferers in the false belief that reduced fear is progress but now it represents and exposes the misguided methods used by those programmed to fee build.

The global pandemic of mental health suffering is the true pandemic - it supersedes ALL other wellness and health related issues - it is a pandemic that will be protracted by biology and spread through epigenetic transmission to billions of our existing and future inhabitants.

It's terrifying.

But, there's a solution. A solution that the protectionists prefer to ignore and attack.

Suffering is unnecessary.

Prevention of activation of disorder is simple.

Treatment of those activated is simple.

Inexpensive delivery of the solutions is simple.

What isn't simple - is the systemic resistance to the science.

Where have I heard that concerning another condition recently? Oh yes!

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