Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS. How is it related to anxiety?

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What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS and how is it related to anxiety?

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Dec 01, 2020

There are so many theories around the activation of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity but none that relate directly to anxiety and panic disorder.

Anxiety and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are inextricably linked by human biology. 

How does that work?

It's actually very simple science.

1. Anxiety - Anxiety is disordered fear. 

Anxiety activates adrenal response and other chemical responses across the body and mind. These chemicals are hormones, are secreted by glands and all form part of the endocrine system,

When a person develops an anxiety condition, they disrupt body and mind wide endocrine balance.

Many people find that their libido drops, their periods become disrupted, they cannot conceive, they have mood swings, hot and cold flushes and other associated responses that seem unexplainable and illogical.

They are all entirely normal and expected within an anxiety condition.

When the body and mind are placed in fear response, these changes are vital for keeping us safe and addressing risk appropriately.

2. The autoimmune system 

The autoimmune system creates immune responses in order to fight infection and foreign substances entering our bodies. This response is regulated by hormones.

A simple example of an autoimmune response is an allergy response which produces the hormone histamine. When a person has an allergy response (hay fever for example), a person might take an anti-histamine to reduce histamine levels. Histamine produces responses such as swelling, mucus production, skin reactions and more.

In extreme reactions a person might use an adrenalin pen to counter-act the allergy response.  

Do you see how this is all connected? 

The endocrine system, the immune system, adrenalin response... they are connected in your body and mind and work together to create balance.


When you suffer from anxiety, you have too much of the emotion of fear. You produce too much adrenalin. This disrupts your mind and body across all bodily systems. This includes the autoimmune system.

If your body believes that it is under attack from an unknown threat, it will, not only, produce fear (fight or flight) when it is unnecessary, it will also modify other internal systems under that false belief.

Of course, these systems have n conscious thought... t's all controlled by your neurology deep thin your subconscious mind.

This is why anxious people develop IBS for example. The changes that anxiety make in there systems give rise to the gastrointestinal experiences of IBS. Inter-systemic disorder.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is one of those many issues which arise from the core issue... anxiety disorder.

Why don't doctors and psychologists tell you this? Because they are not educated in this field of science. It's that simple. 

If you ask them questions about chemical sensitivity, IBS or why periods have stopped, for example... they all start a whole new investigation looking for separate issues within that bodily system... they will never see the connection because they don't understand the science.

The Solution

It is our experience that when our clients recover from their anxiety conditions, system balance is restored. Quickly, naturally and without any remaining issues.

ALL wellness relies on balance. All balance relies on the emotions being appropriate and correctly controlled.

Our program, The Linden Method will restore total, intersystems balance in all people.

The process was created during human evolution to address and overcome this disorder without intervention. In people with anxiety conditions however, this process has to be forced to happen due to a slight difference in the way their brains activate fear.

It is simple and guaranteed by science. People of all ages can do it and t can't fail.



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