TV Shows

We have featured on many TV channels including those below.

Gok's Teens - Channel 4

We were featured on Gok's Teens on Channel 4. Charles was challenged to help Kyle recover from his anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and OCD. Which he did. 

Stress Free in 30 Days TV series

Our own TV series presented by Charles Linden was repeated over 1200 times internationally and was released on DVD by Hay House publishing. All of our clients receive free access to the full TV series in the members portal.


Charles and TLM were featured in an interview with ex-client Lady Jemma Mornington (Kidd) who told the nation of the recovery she achieved using TLM.

The Islam Channel

Charles and Beth Linden were interviewed for a whole episode of the Islam Channel's Health Show which went out to over 100 million people worldwide. The topics covered were the science of anxiety and the online and Retreats we provide.


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