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Anxiety, gastrointestinal distress, IBS, colitis and their connection to anxiety disorder

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Jun 03, 2020

Allow me to guide and reassure you about anxiety and gastrintestinal issues.

Your digestive tract is complex, long and MASSIVELY affected by fear response.

In fact, it is the most influential system within your body - the fuel tank and the entry point for all nutrients, glucose and fluid.

Imbalance in the gastrointestinal system is akin to putting anything other than fuel into your vehicle's filler cap. It will cause imbalance, distress and trauma.

Fear is fear... anxiety is disordered fear.

Normally, fear lasts seconds or minutes, but when disordered it can last, as you know, throughout an entire life… unless it is correctly treated with a science based solution.

YOUR digestive tract THINKS it’s responding correctly and in doing so is creating an internal environment that is sluggish, more acidic, less efficient and drier… the changes are too numerous to mention… BUT, all due to fear response.

Despite digestion being a necessary systemic process at all times, in anxiety conditions, digestion is 'hit hard' as resources are diverted away from the digestive tract in order to transit oxygen, glucose and water to the muscles.

In essence, your food treatment plant 'shuts down'.

Not completely, but enough to cause imbalance within it and beyond... in the systems with which it interacts to create body and mind-wide wellness.

So, if you suffer from IBS, colitis, diarrhoea, nausea, bloating, indigestion or constipation... need you ask why?

Many doctors won't tell you this.


Because they're not trained to use this simple science in practice - it's neither their area of expertise, they don't have enough time to analyse and respond and medicine lacks the knowledge to provide this guidance in a university medical degree course. They'll treat your digestive issues separately, misinterpreting the condition, the symptoms and your experiences and they'll misprescribe medications, which will only serve to cause more internal mayhem.

A truly holstic view of the body and mind are needed within science... so much is ignored and misinterpretted that makes perfect, logical, scientific sense.

Why don't psychologists tell you this?

Because they don't understand anxiety's physiology and they don't use science based practice. They provide assumptive practice based on little more than theory and supposition.

The truth is simple.

If you suffer from any form of digestive distress and you also experience anxiety, there's one solution - the one developed by human evolution.

You need recovery instruction from people who DO understand the science and who produce unmatched recovery outcomes through doing so.

You need us. Let us guide you to fast and lifelong relief.



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