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by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , May 31, 2020

So, why didn't what you 'tried' before work?

In short, because it had no association with the science of your condition.

It could never have worked.

I know we are asked to trust psychology, psychiatry, medics and the gamut of solutions they present to us.

It all seems so 'above board', professional and trustworthy doesn't it.

Why wouldn't we trust them?

ONE WORD - Science.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive and like opinion - but I assure you wholeheartedly, this isn't opinion...

IT'S WHY YOU STILL SUFFER - so it's fact. Verifiable, rock solid, 100% fact... but they wouldn't like me telling you this.

How do I know they wouldn't like it?

Because myself and my family have spent over 20 years being attacked, terrorised, threatened and harassed, to the point of legal action, by doctor, psychologists and mental health 'professionals' who want to silence us... because we cure their clients.

I'm not kidding.

You see... and I am sure you'll agree... in order for a treatment to be a treatment, it must act on the condition it addresses.

There is no point in addressing your respiration if your circulation is disordered; there is no point in addressing your digestion if you have a sore neck... it stands to reason therefore, that when a person has anxiety, it cannot be treated by talking therapy, medication or any other unassociated intervention because they do not, in any way, reach the brain's neurology associated with fear...

...but here's the real deal clincher... EVEN IF they could reach that part of your mind... it would ignore it... why? Because that area only takes commands from one place.

Your mind and body will only adjust your pre-set fear levels when it is told to by a specific sequence of events within the body and mind.

People then say "yes but when I relax I feel less anxious'. It stands to reason that relaxation MIGHT create a temporary dip in anxiety levels but the problem is this... and please understand this fully...

Anxiety is a systemic disorder - this means that your mind and body THINK that your preset, normal and necessary fear level should be as it is now. It doesn't know it is anxious and causing mayhem... you know that consciously, but your mind thinks that disorder is correct.

All we have to do now is show it that it is wrong.

Here is a list of commonly used treatments and the reason they cannot work.

  1. Cognitive therapy (CBT/DBT)
  2. Hypnosis
  3. EMDR
  4. EFT - Tapping
  5. Relaxation
  6. Counselling psychotherapy
  7. Flooding / exposure therapy
  8. Medication

It is not required to inspect and dissect any of the above.

Why? Because this one statement address all of them.

NONE of the above:

  • is medically/scientifically tested or even practically capable of producing any efficacy at all at modifying the emotional responses that cause your condition. We liken this claim to stating that having your toenails clipped can create improved fitness.
  • The science is so far away from the science of anxiety and fear that it presents absolutely zero ability to provide you with any relief whatsoever.
  • Psychology and psychiatry are not treatments they are, at best 'schools of thought' - they should not and cannot 'treat' systemic disorders in the human body. They are based on assumption and theory NOT medical procedure or science. They are, at best, a chat with someone who claims to be able to reach inside your, highly protected, subconscious mind and adjust your fear levels. They cannot.

However, SOME of those practices above feed the anxiety by manipulating their beliefs.

In a word... they lie.

They lie by stating that their processes address fear. They do not.

They lie by stating that anxious people are mentally ill. They are not.

They lie by stating that medication and therapy will work. It cannot.

Reassurance can 'feel' like 'treatment' for a short while but reassurance also fuels the disorder.

Many people return to their therapist to receive a 'dose of reassurance and in doing so, they experience a temporary lowering of their anxiety condition.

This is NOT relief or recovery, in fact, it is massively damaging to any potential for recovery.

The reason you still suffer is not due to the absence of a cure... it is due to:

  • Ignorance of the people you have consulted with
  • Selfishness of the people you have consulted with
  • Greed of the people you have consulted with
  • A global industry that needs suffering in order to feed the cash cow

Your recovery is guaranteed by science and human evolutions, which is why our reputation for creating recovery is robust and unmatched.

You will recover if you follow our lead.

The second we start sending those signals... you will feel less anxious.

Come and join me in my sessions and within 15 minutes, you will KNOW that you are finally in the right place!


Charles Linden
Director - Linden Tree Education




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