The mental health pandemic - How we are being lied to.

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Mental Health Pandemic - We are being lied to!

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Jul 30, 2019

Government statistics quoted in media and news seem to suggest that the incidence of mental ill health isn't increasing - but that's clearly not true.

Statistics for the UK state that around 700,000 children accessed NHS services in 2018 but again, these figures do not, at all echo the experiences of teachers and management in our schools.

One educational trust I work with told me that over 70% of their pupils aged 8-18 suffer with diagnosed anxiety disorders, which flies in the face of the figures provided by government bodies from all over the world.

The massive rise in mental health awareness has given rise to a exponential growth in suffering; certainly during the last 4 years, since 1015, with the intriduction of mental health first aid and the ever-increasing use of mindfulness in schools, we have seen a massive increase in activation of fear disorders including GAD, panic disorder, health anxiety, OCD, emetophobia, school phobias, self-harming and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

The core problem is one of a combination of commercial bias, lack of knowledge and the inappropriate implementation of unassociated therapies and treatments.

Science is science and despite the often well-meaning folks who administer treatments, the science could never and will never create relief. The core science is misguided and nothing can make that right.

Stories from within nationalised mental healthcare and private practice are frightening, including the use of bizarre, unscientific, dangerous and terrifying practices including:

  1. regression to identify past life trauma
  2. using heroin to induce an altered state
  3. placing feet in sand to 'ground' the patient
  4. naked forest running
  5. masturbation therapy (huh?)
  6. rocking therapy

These aren't isolated reports; 1000's have reported these and many more dangerous, bizarre and unscientific treatments provided in meical, psychiatric and psychological practice. It's a literal 'free for all'.

The Nadia Hussein TV documentary program Anxiety and Me was a depressing, disheartening and difficult-to-watch journey of desperation punctuated by segments of Nadia receiving treatments from psychotherapists and psychologists - it did nothing positive for the practices' reputations with 1000's of sufferers voicing their clear opinions about the, clearly misguided, practices and practitioners featured. I felt embarassed for them as they and their nonsensical advice were identified on national TV.

But these practices are reperesentative of practice models underpinned and founded on assumption, bad science and ancient practice models. It's no wonder no one is recovering.

Psychiatric and psychological practice is a house of cards with a string gust of wind swiftly approaching and since 1997 we have created unmatched recovery efficacy that has, more than, upset them and their frail business models... their attacks have made it clear that we are doing something VERY 'right'... they ignore the ineffective practices as they represent a no-risk competitor... we, on the other hand, prove their science wrong, and they don't like it.

The lies have to end. Suffering has to end.

Every sufferer deserves recovery and we will continue to provide it.



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