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Panic Attacks - What are panic attacks and how do you overcome them?

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , May 29, 2019

Panic Attacks and panic disorder are NOT mental illness.

Panic attacks aren't 'attacks' at all. The word 'attack' suggests something that is outside of our control or something to be scared of.


Who named 'panic attacks'?

What 'learned professional' decided to take a normal, expected neurological response and call it panic?

The word 'panic' suggests lack of control, overwhelming emotions... some form of emotional crisis or breakdown!

Who added the word 'attack' to suggest that some external force is responsible?

The experience we commonly call a panic attack is neither 'panic' nor is at 'attack'... it is a very specific and necessary response developed during evolution to manage a very specific internal chemical, neurological and physiological state.

Panic attack sufferers perceive threat, experience pain, extreme emotional and physiological responses and thought BUT despite all of that, illness, frailty... an 'attack' it is NOT.

Medicine and psychology misinterpret the symptoms, misunderstand the neurology and lead sufferers to believe that they are ill and require medication and/or therapy.

None of this is true or vaguelly scientific.

Panic attacks are normal, natural and necessary responses to disordered emotional states.

Remove the underlying disorder and panic attacks stop. Immediately.

We have been helping people to overcome their panic attacks since 1997 with unmatched fact, in every single case, we have never failed to remove panic attacks completely and return clients to emotional balance and life-long control over their emotions.



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