Intrusive Thoughts – Pure O and OCD – The Truth

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Intrusive Thoughts – Pure O and OCD – The Truth

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Aug 01, 2019

Aged 4 I developed OCD and Pure O, health anxiety and panic disorder.

That's me on the right... from one month through to 13 years old. Smiling wasn't something I was known for as you can see... I didn't feel like smiling, in fact, most of the time, I felt scared.

Most people don’t even believe I suffered at that age, but when I describe the experiences I endured, they soon begin to see how people of any age can develop any of the fear disorders.

Development of a fear disorder like OCD or Pure O isn’t about trauma, frailty or mental health, in fact, it’s completely unrelated to any of the ‘causes’ cited by psychology and psychiatry. But that’s because psychiatry and psychology are not associated with the core science of the disorders. You might not believe that right now… but you will, of that I am certain.

How do I know? Because I have sat in front of tens of thousands just like you and without exception, they end up agreeing.

As I have said many times, psychology and psychiatry treating these disorders is akin to a dentist treating your feet.

This isn’t MY science, it’s the simple science of the emotions as any psycho-physiologist or neurologist will confirm and believe me, since my recovery in 1996, we have worked with many and the science is set in stone.

I know this might contradict what you have been led to believe or even what those practices have told you, but neither you, I, nor they, can change the science… it’s fixed by evolution.

BUT, for centuries, they’ve been manipulating it so that you and I believe they offer something scientific. There’s nothing very scientific about psychology and psychiatry… it’s all based on nothing more than assumption and bluff.

You see, none of these disorders have anything to do with brain function. I’ll explain this a little later.

I know you’ll probably be saying “but Charles it feels so ‘in my head’ and psychological. I feel so low, tired and fearful. How can that not be mental health?”

Is diabetes a mental illness?

Is the menopause a mental illness?

If not, why not? They develop in the exact same way as anxiety disorders develop… so what’s the difference?

The answer is simple… there is no difference.

In my program I’ll go into this more deeply but for now, please just assume that this is science and that it is the science of your disorder and your inevitable recovery.

This is actually all simple ‘high-school’ science… it’s not anything to do with the science used in university studies or research… it’s the science a 13 or 14 year old learns in school.

So why don’t psychology and psychiatry use this science? Simply because it falls into another branch of study… education actually but more importantly, if they used it, people would recover too quickly and that’s not profitable is it!

You see, your OCD, anxiety, Pure O… in fact every fear disorder, is exactly the same, from a physical and scientific perspective, as fitness and unfitness.

Your disorder is a systemic disorder arising from a ‘faulty’ interaction between your autonomic nervous system and your adrenal glands and despite how it feels or what you have been told… this has NOTHING to do with your thoughts or creation of those thoughts.

Can you THINK yourself fit?

Can you THINK yourself thin?

Can you control your digestion, circulation or respiration manually through verbal instruction?

NO of course not.

Then how on earth can psychology, talking therapy or psychiatry do those things? Do you see the logic? Why would you want to ‘reason’ with your anxiety? Why medicate a natural human emotion? It’s unthinkable.

I know we are brought up to believe that certain people with certain qualifications are ‘specialists’ but people can get a university doctorate in homeopathy…. But over 27,000 trials to determine homeopathy’s effectiveness confirms 100% that it’s a con. It cannot, does not and will never help the human body.

Psychology and psychiatry are practices that have become entrenched into society as the ‘go to’ practices we reach out to if we feel that we have issues with thoughts and emotions but actually, that assumption is very misguided, which is why the world is in a mental health pandemic. If it worked, we wouldn’t be.

Our efficacy as measured by the UK government’s national Health Service was confirmed at 100% with compliance… why? Because we do what the mind and body developed to do.

Isn’t that so simple?

If you want to learn to ride a bike… do you buy a horse?

NO, you do, with your body and mind, what, through repetition, makes you a cyclist… anything else just won’t work.

The one thing I can 100% assure you is that if you just DO as I instruct in the TLM program, you will recover... your Pure O, OCD and intrusive thoughts will stop. Fast.

Our programs create fast and life-long recovery because they are based on science and guaranteed by human evolution itself.

I have never seen the process fail.

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