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The Preventable Suffering of Millions of Children in the Mental Health Pandemic

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Jul 28, 2019

If it were 100% proven to you that your child's anxiety, panic attacks, low mood, phobias, obsessions, self-harm, emetophobia or intrusive thoughts weren't in any way connected to mental ill-health, psychiatric or psychological 'mental' illness... what would you do?

Millions of children and youths are being misdiagnosed, misunderstood, mistreated and neglected by mental health provisions all because the disorders they experience are nothing to do with mental illness.

The plight of millions is in the hands of under-qualified, misinformed practitioners who apply inappropriate practices through a complete lack of understanding of the core science; leading to mistreatment, perpetuation and exacerbation of the childrens' conditions.

But why?


Anxiety conditions are not caused by trauma, gaming, social media, bullying or any other social interaction or experience and claiming that they are is like stating that a swelling is caused by kicking... whilst it may activate the process that leads to swelling, the swelling is caused by a normal and necessary internal physiological process. A process that evolved into humans over millenia.

Every day I hear statements in the media about the causes of self-harming, anorexia, bulimia, panic disorder and other such conditions... they cite factors like social pressure, body image and social media as the cause, but they couldn't be more wrong.

It infuriates me that people like you are constantly misled by people who should know better; people with degrees in, what seem like, associated sciences, but the truth is, their training provides nothing that could be of any practical use or offer any relief to sufferers.

It's all too easy for psychiatry and psychology to 'take ownership' of any condition that seems to manifest emotional experiences, but as any woman will tell you, hormone fluctuations can activate mood swings, aggression, low mood and other symptoms which 'feel' psychological, but they are not, they are caused by hormone fluctuations within an entirely separate bodily system... they just 'feel' like they're in the head.

Would you treat pre-menstrual syndrome with antidepressents, sedatives or talking therapy?

Of course not... which is why anxiety conditions will never respond to those treatments either.

Every child suffering with anxiety related conditions such as phobias, obsessions, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, eating disorders, self-harm or compulsions has nothing at all 'wrong' in their head... which is why common psychiatric and psychological interventions fail dismally. But you'll know that already if you are the parent of an anxious child.

The suffering of each and every anxious child is preventable, curable and painfully unnecessary.

As a parent and ex sufferer, believe me, my primary focus in life and work is to prevent any child from going through the anxious, OCD affected, panicky childhood I went through.

A head of an NHS sub-organization for the provision of mental health services for young people told me that he had NEVER seen a child recover - that's digraceful and the people providing those services should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

I have spoken, at length and often with great passion from both sides, to NHS and private practice 'psychs' and withoyt exception they have conceded that what they do has limited use. Some get angry, some threaten me, some launch harassment attacks... many have had police warnings for threatening me, my staff, my children and my wife.

Fiction? No, not at all... a daily fact - NHS doctors, academics and their henchmen who have hounded us, defamed us, harrassed us, bullied and threatened us 'OR ELSE'... their demand? For us to stop curing people.

They are disgraceful humans in a disgraceful system.

My phobias, panic, eating disorders, health anxiety and obsessions ruined my life between 1972 and 1996.

After I recovered in 1996, I dedicated my life to creating the world's first and most effective psycho-educational recovery organization and since then have helped over 300,000 people, including over 90,000 children to recover fully.

The UK's NHS created tests that proved 100% effectiveness and this is echoed in our online, home access, workshop and residential recovery programs.

If your child suffers with any foprm of anxiety condition, no matter how minor it may seem, contact us for advice before it escalates.

Anxiety disorders rarely fade away without the correct professional intervention and 'coping' is not curing... an anxiety disorder can seem manageable and lie dormant for decades but, nearly always, returns at some point in the future.

The 'flash points' for anxiety are:

  • leaving school
  • going to university
  • leaving university
  • leaving home
  • having the first child
  • losing a loved one
  • divorce
  • retirement

Never leave a sufferer vulnerable... prepare them for an anxiety free life by fixing the predisposition now.

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