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Your Story is My Story

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Jul 17, 2019

Hello my name is Charles Linden...

If you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or anxiety related phobias, I promise you that is singly the most important anxiety website and 'real world' solution you will find. As you read every word on this page, you will realise that you can turn back the hands of time using this method.

Since 1997 I have operated a private anxiety and panic attacks solution centre specialising in anxiety disorder and panic attacks elimination.

That business is now the most curatively effective facility with unmatched outcomes.

My wife is called Beth the angel that supported and tolerated me through nearly ten years of anxiety and panic attacks. We have a little
boy called Charlie and a daughter called Florence (Flo).

My core activity is anxiety, panic attacks and phobias elimination which I do on a one to one and group basis. We also organise anxiety and panic attacks elimination  and retreats for public groups and stress / anxiety elimination seminars for businesses.

To date over 300,000 anxiety and panic attacks sufferers have been treated using The Linden Method in order to return to appropriate levels of anxiety and eliminate phobias and panic attacks completely.

My qualified Linden Method Specialists who are all trained psychologists and/or counsellors, provide constant anxiety and panic attacks support and advice to each and every person via email and telephone sessions on a 1 to 1 basis. We can also arrange 1 to 1 'face to face' sessions if required...but it rarely is!

To date, we have probably successfuly treated more anxiety and panic attacks sufferers than any other therapist, doctor or psychologist would do in 5 lifetimes, our experience in the anxiety disorder field is second to none and our success rate is unquestionable.

I am regular contributor to BBC radio, TV companies, newspapers, many magazines and organisations as resident anxiety and panic attacks specialist. (List available on request) I am a published self-help author and consultant to organizations around the world. I am also a recovery specialist helping sports people, actors and others to fully recover. I work with some amazing, interesting and talented people. People just like you.

We also produce and distribute audio, video and printed anxiety and panic attacks media to anxiety and panic attacks groups, psychologists, doctors, schools and local health authorities.

If you think you have an anxiety disorder, panic attacks, phobias,
PTSD or OCD, I assure you wholeheartedly that we here at The Linden Centre can hand you the solution.

Through over two decades of work and experience treating over 300,000 anxiety, panic attacks and phobias sufferers successfuly, we can promise you that you will be anxiety free, that you can return to normal and that you won't need to take drugs or go to therapy to achieve it.

Imagine what it would be like if you could:

  • Become YOU again; turn back the clock to before you had anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Become more able to cope than ever before, your anxiety has strengthened you, allow that strength to shine through
  • Become the 'pillar of strength' rather than the weak link
  • Feel free to do what you want to do in your life

This is entirely possible and this website will show you how.

What are your symptoms?

Chest pains or palpitations?
Panic attacks or generalised anxiety?
Muscle pains, tingling, numbness?
Shortness of breath or smothering sensations?
Stomach or bowel problems?
Sweating, insomnia or tiredness??
Dizziness or feeling faint?
Disturbing or confused thoughts?
Depression, anger or irritability?
Feeling alone, isolated or desperate?
Phobias like agoraphobia or social phobia?

And the list goes on!

BELIEVE ME when I tell you that not only are all these very common and normal symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, but they are all harmless and very, very curable, quickly and permanently!

READ FIRST- We are a very real treatment centre providing the very best service, support and elimination method for anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, generalised anxiety, phobias, PTSD and OCD.

Our success rate is unmatched; over 300,000 happy and anxiety and panic attacks free clients are testament to that. Feel free to call (or visit us by appointment). You can contact us on +44(0)1562 742004. If you are serious about beating this terrible disorder- you have come to the right place.

Meet Our Support Team

Here's a fact for you:


...around 20 Million people in the UK alone currently suffer from anxiety disorders including panic attacks and phobias, so you are not alone. Anxiety disorders account for more days off than any other condition... it's an epidemic!

"I found myself crying with relief. It was like reading about myself...how I was...how I am and how I would be." Brenda Lockett. Herts.

It is vitally important for you to understand that from this point on you must forget what you have previously learned about anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD or OCD.

What I am about to reveal to you is THE TRUTH based on 1000's of stories and experiences where there is NOT ONE exception to the rule.

In 24 years of treating over 300,000 anxiety and panic attacks sufferers worldwide, I have developed THE most effective solution to panic attacks, anxiety disorder and phobias available. It's endorsed by both Psychologists and Doctors, it's DRUG FREE, easy to implement and permanent.

If you do it correctly, it works…FULL STOP. And, if you feel it isn't working for you, you are doing something incorrectly - if that is the case, just contact us by email or phone and we will put you back on the right track IMMEDIATELY.

Over 96% Success at eliminating Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Phobias

This anxiety and panic attacks solution has a success rate of over 96%. 

Usually, my clients experience a substantial improvement immediately and most are anxiety and panic attacks free within days or just a few weeks.

If YOU want to eliminate anxiety disorders like panic attacks and agoraphobia and the associated symptoms and sensations, I promise you that this method is THE solution.

I just hope you give me the opportunity to show you what it will do for you.

It's so simple and this is how it works:

Anxiety Disorder & Panic Attacks aren't mental or physical illnesses!

They are behavioural conditions fuelled solely by our actions!

There's one mechanism in each and every one of us that causes, creates, stores and activates the response which causes anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

This is controlled by an organ called the Amygdala. It's a small but powerful organ in the brain and is part of the Lymbic System, the nerve centre which controls emotions and anxiety levels, amongst other things.

The Amygdala is the body's 'Anxiety Switch'. Under normal circumstances it is in the OFF position, only becoming activated when appropriate anxiety is required…in times of APPROPRIATE danger or threat for example.

When we repeatedly activate this 'switch' during times of stress, sadness, loss or anger for example, it can become 'stuck' in the ON position. This can cause acute anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias to develop.

This happens when the Amygdala LEARNS new behaviour.

Because it has been taught a new level of anxiety through your anxious behaviour, it thinks that this is the NEW 'benchmark', or normal anxiety level for your body.

Even though you consciously know that it feels wrong, you are unable to alter it consciously once it becomes re-set.

This process is called Operant Conditioning, scientists have known for many years that this is responsible for the production of ALL anxiety disorders including panic attacks and phobias. Under normal conditions,  operant conditioning is used by the brain to acquire new knowledge like learning to read, drive or play an instrument, where repitition or practice causes us to improve.

This process happens in EVERY single anxiety disorder sufferer. It is what causes anxiety, panic attacks and phobias; and it is THIS and nothing else, which needs to be addressed in order to quickly and permanently eliminate anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD and agoraphobia.

All of these conditions, regardless of how severe or how long you have had them, are a result of the very same mechanism and therefore require the very same treatment and solution.


"Every single anxiety and panic attacks sufferer needs to do this method, it is the best self help method I have ever read, and I've read a few, believe me! If you only buy one self help book, this has to be the one." Melanie. B. South Devon.

Psychology/Psychiatry...uses 'Talking Therapy' to identify the cause of the anxiety and panic attacks, then analyses it over and over again or gives you exercises to follow or diaries to fill in.

THIS IS SO WRONG! The cause of anxiety disorders and panic attacks isn't the 'life event' that created the stressful environment (abuse, bereavement, work stress etc.).

The CAUSE is the way the Amygdala responded to that event and continues to produce anxiety and panic attacks, AFTER that event! (When the Amygdala 'switch' gets stuck ON).

By revisiting the causes and analysing your actions, you are reinforcing the anxiety, practicing it and making it HABITUAL because it is always at the front of your mind!


Medication is prescribed by doctors who, through lack of other options, knowledge and desperation in some cases, believe that anxiety disorders, panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD and OCD are chemical conditions which require a "magic pill" to reverse the chemical imbalance.

They believe that anxious clients fit very snuggly into the 'Mental Illness' pigeon hole...oh, how wrong they are! That pigeon whole is just convenient for them, not productive for the patient. 

THIS IS SO VERY WRONG! You CAN NOT eliminate anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias with medication!!! Anxiety and panic attacks aren't caused by chemical imbalances!! You wouldn't use medication to stop yourself from biting your nails would you?

Any psycho-physiologist (brain function specialist), will tell you that anxiety disorders and panic attacks are caused by behaviour NOT chemical imbalances!

Luckily I had a new doctor who knew this and she started me along the road to recovery.

So What Happened To Me & What Turned My Life Around?

My story

I was pushed from pillar to post, alternative medicine, conventional medicine and all the anxiety and panic attacks therapies I tried were futile.

I was experiencing pretty much ALL the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. I believed I had a lung disease, heart disease, cancer, MS, in fact pretty much every ailment I could imagine...I thought the end was in sight!

This was me in 1996 on a day out in the Elan Valley, Wales. I weighed 18 stone, which is 4 stone more than I am now! I felt scared and very alone. I wore sunglasses because my eyes became so sensitive to light. I was unable to exercise, travel, eat properly and was constantly terrified. I had persistent chest pains, breathlessness and muscle weakness and I would have as many as 6 to 8 panic attacks each day, day and night.Click Here to read a referal letter written to my doctor from a psychiatrist whilst I was at University in Hull, November 1993

So What Changed?

I decided that I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life suffering at the hand of anxiety and panic attacks.

I started researching every known piece of information about anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, interviewing patients at the local hospital about their anxiety and panic attacks, speaking to many, many recovered sufferers and compiling a list of the results.

It was during this that I experienced a revelation, which changed the way I perceived my anxiety and panic attacks for ever. This was the turning point.

I implemented my discovery immediately and within two days, my life had changed.

Within two weeks, I was out and about again, doing a college course and socialising.

Within two months I was back at work and now over 23 years later, I have developed this method into a course which has been used by over 300,000 anxiety and panic attack sufferers worldwide in the last two years alone. A course which has changed those people's lives when they too have tried everything else.

I am just waiting for the media to finally address this issue correctly in order to allow me to stand up and say - Medics and Psychologists are wrong and I have proof!

I have qualified counsellors and Psychologists working with me to spread the word and support my clients. I have a centre in Kidderminster, Worcestershire that helps thousands of anxiety, panic attacks and phobias sufferers worldwide to finally defeat this condition.


"If your clients have doubts about how effective this method could help them with their anxiety or panic attacks, I suggest you tell them to pick up the phone and speak to you or Jenny, it won't take long for them to realise that you speak more sense than any doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist they will have ever spoken to. I can't believe I wasted so much time when this treatment was available. I wish I could do more to help you to spread the word Charles." Rene. Newcastle.

My wife Beth was the one who persuaded me to write The Linden Method.

I was unsure at first, although, at that point, over 500 people had used my technique in its raw form, I was suffering from a lack of confidence; but then, overnight, I changed my mind!

And what made me change my mind?....

Because I realised that I was sick and tired of watching nice, innocent people being misled by the piles of BAD and WRONG anxiety and panic attack information you can find in too many 'self help' resources, books, programs, counselling sessions and web sites. Resources that never work, I know...I have tried them too!

I spent time in anxiety / panic attacks management groups, therapy, the local day hospital and doctor's waiting rooms; now, looking back, I hate the fact that I wasted all that time on things that are so misguided.

So I spent two years developing the Linden Method as it is now.

I practice from my base in Worcestershire and have clients everywhere from Birmingham to Bahrain, from Russia to Hong Kong.

You can view some of the letters I receive in my 'Emails From Clients' section.

My anxiety and panic attacks lasted from when I was just 4 years old, till I was 26. At school it was spasmodic with a few courses of antidepressants, which didn't help at all. The panic attacks and generalised anxiety disorder was bearable most of the time but I had a constant feeling of fear and agoraphobia.

I wasn't comfortable on school trips, I found it hard to stand up and speak in class and hated school plays or social events. I was school-phobic for a few months and took antidepressants for a while too. I muddled through though, underachieving and feeling alone and riddled with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

It wasn't till I was about 21 that I experienced acute anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I quickly became agoraphobic and only left the house when visiting the hospital or doctor and even then, this was only just manageable.

I was prescribed Stelazine, Diazepam, Prozac, Seroxat, some 'old school' antidepressants and other sedatives but the side effects were horrific. I eventually became dependant on Valium which created horrible withdrawal problems and rebound anxiety and extreme panic attacks.

No one wanted to help me. I was in an anxiety / panic attacks management class and my psychologist had given up on me. I experienced 8-10 panic attacks a day.

BUT THEN IT ALL STOPPED and I did it all myself with no help from the 'parrots' who just quoted from text books! I can show you EXACTLY what I did and what each and every one of my clients have done to become 100% anxiety and panic attacks FREE!


"Charles... I have been thanking God for you... I didn’t even go looking for your site, I happened upon it after a night of unbelievable anxiety.. it was the worst I had yet.. I came upon your site and when I bought it and read through it.. I just cried with so much emotion, so much release.. So much hope.. I haven’t had hope that this would end, ever.. I’m so tired of all the meds and cover ups.. your method is natural and healthy and it works.... I’ve not been this relieved and happy for such a long time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Charles... your my saviour.. And I’m crying now cause I’m just so glad that God put you on this earth ... I’ve never spent better money on anything.. I’d have paid you any amount to know that I could be where I am now. I thank you for not taking advantage of people in that way. Your price for your method is more than acceptable. Thank you." Robyn

So how does The Linden Method STOP anxiety and panic attacks?

This method has been developed and time tested to show you exactly what I did and what my clients do, to become 100% anxiety and panic attack free.

This method addresses the ROOT CAUSE of the anxiety, panic attacks and phobias DIRECTLY, addressing the inappropriate behaviour of the Amygdala which causes and perpetuates your anxiety disorder.

This ELIMINATES the panic attacks and anxiety disorder and, in turn, the phobias and obsessions you may experience. This method is drug free, simple, not scary or threatening, gentle and very, very effective.

It doesn't matter whether you have mild anxiety disorder and/or acute panic attacks, if you have ANY inappropriate anxiety, this is for you!

You can call us at any time to talk. We are real, accessible and friendly! Jenny, Sheila, Jackie, Kathy, in fact, any of my in house counsellors / psychologists are available during the week to take calls and I am always available by email or phone if I am not with clients. You can also visit us for one-on-one sessions if you wish.

Call us on : +44 (0)1562 742004. (UK)

UNLIMITED advice, support and anxiety disorder counselling is FREE of charge once you join The Linden Method.

If you need help or advice about your anxiety or panic attacks as you follow the Linden Method... just email us. If you require urgent assistance you can also call us at The Linden Centre. I'll get back to you the same day with an answer.

No other anxiety or panic attacks specialist would offer this level of personal support but I feel it is vital to the elimination of anxiety and panic attacks.

So many people have told me that they forget everything they have heard as they leave their NORMAL therapy sessions or counselling.

When you are using The Linden Method - I simply WON'T let that happen.

You MUST call or email us if there is something you don't understand...this is VITAL.


Psychologist Jenny Saunders BSc, MSc

Jenny is now head of support for the Linden Method and has personal on-going contact with all our clients. You can contact Jenny directly at the Linden Centre at [email protected]

Jenny has an MSc in Psychology and is a University Lecturer. Jenny discovered the Linden Method whilst researching alternative tools for the treatment of anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

Jenny says -

“The success of the Linden Method is amazing, it is so targeted, so exact and so supportive. I truly believe that Charles is identifying THE solution to anxiety, panic attacks and associated phobias. CBT and other therapies fall short of providing a fraction of what Charles provides in the Method Pack. I am proud to be part of this new revolution in anxiety disorder and panic attack treatment”

Jenny Saunders BSc, MSc.


'Charles CURED me of my anxiety disorder & panic attacks!"
Sarah Coates - Psychologist

"As a psychologist and anxiety disorder and panic attacks sufferer, I had exhausted all avenues to find a solution to my disorder. I found The Linden Method through a friend and decided to give it a try even though I was very skeptical at first. BUT, The Method is logical, scientific and easy to follow and it stopped my anxiety disorder and panic attacks in their tracks. I then became so disillusioned with Psychology and its lack of answers. I discovered that Charles' centre was local to my parents' home and asked Charles if I could come and work with him to support fellow sufferers. I packed up my apartment, moved back home and started working with Charles, helping him to help people like me to be well again.

The Linden Method is unlike anything you have ever seen, heard or read about before.

I just wish there was a way of getting this method to every anxiety disorder, panic attacks and agoraphobia sufferer in the world. No one else uses this Method and no other method or therapy gets the results that this one does. I was skeptical at first, as a Psychologist I felt that Psychology was the key to healing this disorder...how wrong I was!"
Sarah Coates. - Psychologist

I was in your situation once, surfing the web for answers and reading every piece of information available. The Linden Method is the result of over seven years of research and professional practice, where real people become anxiety disorder, panic attacks and phobias free again, quickly and permanently. 

What Is The Linden Method & How Do You Get It?

The method material is available in two formats, as a downloadable version or as a printed pack and both contain every resource you will need to become completely anxiety disorder, panic attacks FREE.

Both versions include EXACTLY the same material and both come with the FREE anxiety disorder counselling and support by email or phone whenever YOU need it.

What do the experts say about The Linden Method?

The Linden method directly addresses ALL of the elements that cause and perpetuate anxiety disorders, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia, providing THE conclusive solution to these scary conditions. The Linden Method is a clear, concise and simple method which you can follow and implement into your daily routine. It doesn't smother you with self help techniques…there's just one…and it works!

Jane Griffiths is a PTSD specialists who has a vast field of experience in anxiety disorder focused therapies. Jane was the main PTSD counsellor for the M42 Minibus disaster. This is what she has to say about The Linden Method:

"The Linden Method is fast becoming the most successful, sensitive and drug free treatment for anxiety disorders and panic attacks ever, and rightly so! We hope to have more centres across the UK soon to provide this revolutionary method to more of the people who really need it. In my opinion, no other approach comes as close to 'hitting the nail on the head' as this one."

Jane Griffiths. (SRN. Cert. Health Ed.)
PTSD Counsellor Nurse Practitioner & Healthcare Trainer.


I sometimes liken The Method to a roadmap. This is explained clearer by the graphic below. Don't waste valuable time trying to mudge your way out of anxiety and/or panic attacks...I know the exact route you need to take; it's the one every recovered sufferer has taken, mostly SUBCONSCIOUSLY, I Just make it conscious and give you structured stages to follow! IT'S SO SIMPLE!

I will help you to understand your anxiety and panic attacks and disempower their affect on your life. This will allow you to lead a full, medication, anxiety and panic attacks free existence.

You will immediately be able to:

  • Live life to the full again with no restrictions or anxiety
  • Do all the things that you wanted to do but seemed impossible because of your anxiety and panic attacks
  • Become stronger and more capable than ever before
  • Become the leader instead of dependent


The Linden Method:

  • Was developed by me, Charles Linden, an ex anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia sufferer. Someone who understands completely how you feel and knows EXACTLY what to do about it
  • Can be done in the comfort and safety of your own home
  • Can be started immediately, within the next few minutes
  • is completely sympathetic to the things that make an anxiety sufferer feel worse, panicky and constantly fearful. The Linden Method only offers support, understanding and definite solutions
  • doesn't drown you in many techniques you can try, some that work and some that don't... IT JUST OFFERS ONE METHOD THAT WORKS EVERY TIME! (if you do it correctly)
  • is written in very simple, easy to understand language
  • doesn't require hours of listening to CDs or doing exercises
  • offers a comprehensive 'holistic' solution, looking at the whole problem not just a single element
  • uses a unique alternative to conventional anxiety reduction 'programs'


You now have a choice:

To continue as you are, hoping that your anxiety and panic attacks will go away OR  Trust me to show you how to DRIVE it away right now. AND YOU CAN!

I have been exactly where you are now and would never deceive a fellow anxiety or panic attacks sufferer. I have helped people become well again that doctors had deserted due to lack of options...they had tried everything they could and nothing had worked, this method really, truly does all that I say it does.


"I can't believe that in three days I felt so much better. Having suffered for three and a half years, lost my job, my dignity and my girlfriend, I felt alone, condemned to a life of misery and very, very scared. My mum bought the Linden Method for me and everything changed immediately."

Daniel. J. Bromsgrove

Please just give me this opportunity to change your life, because promise you that this method really does all I have said that it does. Please, please don't leave this website wondering if it would have worked, life is too precious to waste on this horrible disorder. If you have doubts, just call 01562 742004 and talk to us.


  • Move forward with your life instead of standing still
  • Become motivated, excited and actively pursue challenges and adventures
  • Be a winner, be strong and be yourself!
  • Free yourself of anxiety and panic attacks & become more confident, more capable and admired

I have seen many, many people rid themselves of panic attacks, phobias, anxiety disorders, stomach complaints, general fatigue, stress related conditions and return to a normal life and I know you can do it too. All I want is the chance to prove to you that everything I've said is absolutely true, and that this method will truly change your life.

Charles Linden
Director - Linden Tree Education





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