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The one anxiety disorder fact that changes lives

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , May 29, 2019

There is so much misinformation about anxiety disorders available online and off.

Most is based on assumptions and misinformation but there are core truths that are cemented by science, which developed during human evolution and underpin the formation of and recovery from, anxiety.

Anxiety is a disorder... it is NOT an emotion.

The science of emotional response is hardwired into the endocrine system which developed during evolution to provide us with a physical response that gives us the sensory experience of the external experience. We see something happy... we laugh etc.

The disordered fear response... anxiety... gives us all of the physical manifestations of fear but ina  very much embellished version. It feels dreadul. It is dreadful but it is not illness and it's curable.



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