Anxiety Disorder Sufferers Are Being Misled

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Anxiety Disorder Sufferers Are Being Misled

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , Jul 20, 2019

What have you been told by medics, psychologists or psychiatrists?

We can categorically state that the myths spread about your disorder are PREVENTING your recovery.

Have you been told that...

  • You suffer from a mental illness
  • You have anxiety and depression
  • You need medication to treat your condition
  • You need talking therapy
  • You have low serotonin levels
  • Hypnosis will adjust your anxiety levels
  • Relaxation will help you
  • Mindfulness or meditation will help you
  • You need exposure therapy
  • Tapping, EMDR or counselling will help you
  • You will never recover
  • You need to cope with or manage your anxiety
  • You are frail and vulnerable

We are a team of the world's most highly qualified, *accredited anxiety disorder recovery specialists and we can state categorically that NONE of the above are true.

Your anxiety disorder is medically and scientifically in no way connected to anything in the list above and any informed psycho-physiologist, neurologist or endocrinologist in any university in the world will confirm this to be true.

Those who deny this core truth afe those who provide the services listed above.

Homeopathy has had over 27,000 trials conducted by universities around the world and yet NOT A SINGLE shred ofe evidence was found for its affectiveness. But people can be a doctor of homeopathy. THAT is the issue.

Just because a treatment exists and just because it is presented to you by trusted people like doctors and psychologists, DOES NOT mean that it is evidence based or effective. BUT, you already know that because I am sure you have tried some of the above... and they haven't worked.

Am I right?]

We've helped over 300,000 people and we all at TLM have suffered ourselves... how many people do you think might have told us that the therapies above have helped them in any meaningful way? NONE.

In fact, go to any website of any organization offering those services and look for REAL CLIENT testimonials that state that they have recovered using those techniques.

They do not exist. A handful perhaps but nothing like the 1000's we can present to you.

Watch our FREE anxiety reocvery video here:

Understand the science. Understand the TRUTH... it will set you free.

Charles Linden
Linden Tree Education


*All our staff are registered mental health professionals, psychologists and psychotherapists trained and practising anxiety disorder recovery therapy. LAR therapy is the only accredited, evidence based recovery program.



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Charles Linden
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