What is anxiety disorder recovery?

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What is anxiety disorder recovery?

by Charles Linden - Linden Tree Education , May 29, 2019

The National Health Service loosely defines recovery as 'learning to accept your anxiety and lead your life despite it'. But anxiety isn't a lifelong illness, it's a temporary disorder.

Recovery from anxiety relies on the mind receiving the data that leads it to believe that it's 'safe'.

Feeling safe is a matter of providing a weight of incoming sensory data that convinces the brain that risk is not present. It's a simple concept but it's the core, accepted, conclusive science that psychology and psychiatry prefers to ignore in favour of practices which serve only to remind the sufferer's mind of how 'unsafe' they are.

If you 'practice' anything, you improve it. Practising being anxious confirms and legitimises the disorder to the subconscious mind.

Talking about, rating, focusing on symptoms and thoughts and assigning blame to insignificant life events reinforces the anxoius neurology. This isn't our science, it's neurology, psycho-physiology - it's just accepted science.

The science we use to cure anxiety conditions with efficacy at least 900% above any other practice and the only factor to reduce efficacy is not doing it.

If you do it, it works... and off that foundation of science and evidence, all of our programs and services are built.

Anxiety isn't a disorder that requires management, medication, analysis and talking... it's a simply removed condition and recovery from anxiety conditions is innevitable if you just DO what the brain and body developed, through evolution, to do.

The simple science of psycho-education teaches sufferers how to take back immediate, life-long control of theit emotions and how to maximise their potential and fulfilment using what evolution pre-programmed into them.

If anyone tells you that anxiety is incurable and that anxiety management or coping strategies are your best chance of normality... tell them to get back to medical school fast and to stop capitalising on your suffering.

Charles Linden

Director - Linden Tree Education
The Linden Method.



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