Before all else, please read and understand this statement. It is the truth that will release you from your disorder and the grips of what cannot work.

ALL forms of anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and intrusive thoughts are tied up inside the human fear response. To remove them, you have to take your mind through a very specific process. That process is not activated through therapy, medication, relaxation or any of the processes contained within psychology, medicine or alternative therapies. It developed during human evolution and relies on simple principles. Which is what we teach you; which is why we create fast recovery.

It cannot fail. The only reason for failure is not doing it! We will lead you to recovery.

Why do YOU Need The Linden Method?

Not doing this process is ignoring science, ignoring recovery
& ignoring your incredible future.



  • Feel overwhelmed by anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions or intrusive thoughts.
  • Have OCD, panic attacks or emetophobia.
  • Feel dreamy or removed from yourself.
  • Obsess about sexuality, religion, harming people or doing sexually inappropriate things.
  • Have eating disorder, fear of vomit, fear of fainting or fear of dying.
  • Are agoraphobic or are afraid of being alone.
  • Have tried therapies and medications.
  • Have had enough of failing to find relief.

You have come to the right poeple because, like you, all of the team members at LTE have felt the exact same way but recovered fast using this process.

Now it's YOUR turn to discover the truth that will set you free.

Not only will you recover but you will discover that you are incredible... you may not feel it now, but you will 'fly' after you recover!

The top 12 reasons you should do The Linden Method :

  1. Instant access - No wait times. You get what you need NOW including recovery instruction and support guidance.
  2. Instant results - Recovery starts immediately and most clients experience dramatic reduction in their anxiety levels on day one.
  3. The only science-based recovery therapy. All other treatments are coping and management processes designed to move you to acceptance of your situation, not recovery from it. The Linden Method focuses on the brain structure and responses that activates anxiety on waking. No other therapy addresses the neurological source of anxiety disorders.
  4. NHS Tested - *NHS specified testing proved that The Linden Method has 100% effectiveness at removing the core disorder and all anxiety manifestations. TLM is the Gold Standard of Evidence-Based Recovery Practice.
  5. It's helped over 30 million people. Since 1997. We have shown millions of people how the science of anxiety conditions is fixed in every human.
  6. The Linden Method has more verified recovery testimonials than any other practice on earth including doctor, psychologist and celebrity reviews. See
  7. The Linden Method cannot fail. Your mind is waiting to release anxiety; it does not want to be anxious, phobic, obsessive or compulsive. The only way you can feel 'well' again is to do what human biology dictates. There is no other process that leads to emotional balance. People fail but the process cannot. If people DO as instructed, The Linden Method instruction will result in recovery. Not doing it is the only reason for failure.
  8. The Linden Method resets emotional, chemical and neurological balance. You will never need 'fixes' in future. You won't feel the necessity to find ways to relax, unwind, de-stress or 'cope' again. You will be in balance. Real, system wide balance = wellbeing.
  9. Life-changing recovery and personal development. The Linden Method releases physical and intellectual potential. It allows your mind and body to work at maximum capacity. You will feel and think better when you have done TLM. Our ex clients become incredible in every way.
  10. Recovery guidance. Other treatments are session or group-based and they do not provide solutions - just reassurance and coping advice.
  11. Constant interactive recovery guidance by the world's leading experts. No other therapy offers one-to-one, interactive, recovery guidance video sessions. Three 90 minute sessions a week - joining other sufferers to work together towards fast and lifelong recovery.
  12. Linden Method Coaching - As a result of TLM's success since 1997, we created the corporate recovery programs, workshops, residential recovery programs and the LAR practitioner programs. Our ex clients wanted to help us to help others, so the coaching accreditation program was born in order to grow the organisation in a way that meant people anywhere of any age, in any setting, could access REAL recovery guidance fast. The results are unique and incredible.


Some more facts to consider

  • TLM was created to fit in with any lifestyle for people of any age.
  • There's no 'effort' - your mind wants to be anxiety free and the process slips into your normal routines.
  • It includes children's materials and guidance for parents.
  • It was developed to use by anyone at home, in education or at work.
  • It fits into your day without having to 'make time'.
  • It will work even if you are having any other therapy or treatment.
  • It will work whether you take medication or not.
  • It will work even if you can't leave home.
  • It will work even if there are things 'stressing you out'.
  • It's like eating to cure hunger... it's simple science.
  • It will become obvious why other things have failed you.
  • Our team are all mental health professionals with 1000's of hours experience. (BACP/BPS)
  • The only reason for failure is not doing it.


*The NHS is the UK's government National Health Service.
References: Spitzer R.L., Kroenke K., Williams J.B. and Löwe, B. (2006). A brief measure for assessing generalized anxiety disorder: the GAD-7. Archives of Internal Medicine, 22 (10), pp. 1092- 1097.