What is 'The Method' that activates REAL recovery?


This page will be the most influential page on your mental health you will ever read. If you read it, understand it and use it, it will make you realise that millions of sufferers are being misled by practices that can only make things worse.


Wouldn't it be so easy if you were just told how to switch your anxiety conditions off?

Wouldn't it be a real revelation if your recovery was being prevented by the treatments you've tried?

How amazing would it be to turn back the clock to before you suffered?

What if a solution exists that every recovered sufferer has used?

ALL disorder is the same in every human; be it unfitness, obesity or activating too much 'fear'.

They all develop in the exact same way.

They are all corrected through the same process...

...and science knows this.

DISORDER is the opposite of ORDER

ORDER is the state you were born in - disorder came when you did things and consumed things that set order 'off balance'.

This necessary and simple science is not addressed by commonly used treatments... which is why they fail!

We will explain. 


Here's a question for you...

If you enrol the help of a Personal Trainer in order to lose weight, increase cardiovascular health and tone muscles and he presented you with these three options...

  • OPTION 1 - I'll give you some medication and in a week or two it will help you to FORGET how overweight and unfit you are.
  • OPTION 2 - I'll give you some talking therapy and in a week or two you will come to terms with your anxiety disorders and accept them into your life.
  • OPTION 3 - I'll give you some simple exercises to do with me, I'll give you a diet that doesn't make you hungry and in a couple of weeks you will be fitter, thinner and more healthy.

...which of those three options would you take?

Sensibly, you would take option three wouldn't you!

Many people would LIKE the magic pills, because it's easy, but they're not curing you!

You see, in those options above, 1 and 2 are medication and therapies like counselling, CBT, hypnosis and other 'session based' treatments; they're not a solution, they're superficial, based on theory, not the correct science and most importantly, they don't create the changes that cure anxiety disorders.

You can't 'THINK yourself' thinner or fitter.

You can't take a pill that creates fitness, muscle tone and reduces fat deposits.

In order to correct DISORDER (any disorder) your body and mind have to go through a very specific process.

That process is 100% dictated by human evolution and 100% guaranteed by science.



Because they could never have worked!

Millions of people suffer and millions more are added to their number each year.

Numbers of sufferers increase and only a tiny percentage recover. It's the cause of the world mental health pandemic and in March 2020, the COVID situation multiplied that number exponentially. 

Mental health services won't cope because now, more than ever, they MUST create recovery and they don't know where to start.

Psychological techniques are based on psychological theories, not physiology (biology).

Your disorders are physiological in nature and therefore require ACTION in order to create a recovery REACTION.

Techniques used within talking therapies such as EFT, EMDR, hypnosis and regression are not based on science and have no affect on anxiety conditions. Ever.

Medications used for anxiety were not developed for anxiety conditions. You cannot use chemicals to remove fear, phobias, compulsions and intrusive thoughts. Medication can subdue heart symptoms, but once removed, the symptoms will return as the disorder will remain.

Relaxation, meditation and sedation makes anxiety worse. The antidote to fear has never been relaxation. Relaxation will increase physical symptoms and increase your focus on your condition.



IT'S SIMPLE... in fact, you know this already... you just don't know you know it!

In education, any education, you input information through your senses and your senses switch responses in your mind and body ON and OFF. It's how we learn everything and create any form of change in our minds and bodies.

You eat to cure hunger, drink to cure thirst, read to create knowledge, move to create flexibility, strength and fitness etc.

What you take in through your senses as data and through your mouth as food and fluid, creates immediate physiological responses and these lead to neurological and chemical responses throughout your body and mind. 

If you see something funny, you laugh.

If you see something sad, you cry.

If you drink wine... your body has to deal with and excrete the 'poison'. 

All the time, in every second you are alive, your body and mind are in a constant process of adjustment depending on what you experience and ingest.


... what it would mean if someone taught you a 'Method' that gives you what your mind and body need in order to reduce and switch off fear instantly.

Like giving you exercise and diet to create fitness and weight loss.

Imagine how it would be if the response was immediate.

Imagine if the removal of your FEAR DISORDER then immediately switched off every intrusive thought, your over-thinking, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and panic. 

Imagine if this process is the ONLY way to be free of your condition and if ALL recovered people had used it.

Imagine if the process couldn't fail because it's as natural as eating to cure hunger.

Imagine if you haven't done this because there's more money to be made in medication and time-consuming therapies.

Imagine if hypnosis, meditation, breathing exercises, talking and medication were making all sufferers worse!

Imagine if all kids were taught this process in school and NO ONE had to suffer from disordered emotional responses again.

IMAGINE IF - The science of this Method was NICE accredited, formed part of the NHS mental health treatment agenda, was scientifically accredited, proven to be the only solution and was government tested with 100% curative outcomes! Well it is.

SO, would you rather manage your issues or learn how to be completely free of them...  fast?

Our psycho-educational team consists of psycho-educational program developers, psychologists, consultant occupational psychologists and psychotherapists who have a cumulative experience and knowledge beyond any other group on earth's.

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We will provide you with simple instruction to create fast and inevitable relief from any disordered emotional responses and the physical and mental symptoms they cause.


What is it worth to you to be fully and naturally anxiety free... for life?


What would your life be like if you, like over 420,000
of our other clients, could learn to switch off fear?

Let us refresh your knowledge of school biology
and show you how it can change your life.


The Linden Method is the name we gave to the instruction in the process that instructs your body and mind to switch off fear, erase all your disorders and safeguard you against EVER suffering again. It's THE solution.


The Linden Method activates the natural recovery process that is pre-programmed into every human.

TLM will give you simple instructions on how to quickly switch off fear, anxiety, phobias, compulsions and every symptom and thought it creates. 

This process is the only way to recover from disordered emotional responses... and we will prove it to you.


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