Read this and you will understand why you still suffer and more vitally, how to recover.

Definitions by the Cambridge dictionary

'Treatment' - noun - medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury.

'Solution' - noun - the answer to a problem.

'Cure' - noun - to make someone healthy again.

We asked 2,000 people to tell us why they believe people might reject what we do, despite the evidence and our history dictating that doing TLM makes you 900 times more likely to recover from anxiety disorders…

Here are the top 3 reasons they gave and why the truth negates them.



The fee we charge relates directly to the high level of guidance and support provided by qualified recovery specialists. The fee is the least expensive across all mental healthcare practice internationally because we have got the balance right. 

Other practices don’t work* so their payment model is built on repeat business that ‘keeps you coming’… ours is on quickly removing your disorder, therefore ensuring that our fees are the lowest they can be.

However, did you know we have special rates for students, retirees, the unemployed, those on low incomes and other sectors?

*Re "Other practices don't work". This isn't opinion, this is well documented truth based on decades of trials and testing. Practices like psychiatry, psychology, hypnosis, EFT, NLP, CBT, homeopathy and more have been trialled, tested and scrutinised in many thousands of trials and none, without exception prove that people can be cured by their use. Don't believe us? Read Cracked by James Davies. 

Homeopathy is outlawed by advertising standards because none of, over 27,000 trials, provided any evidence that it can work... so in effect, you are loading your body with, often dangerous, natural substances with NO evidence they are doing anything at all but the risk that they could be harming you. 

CBT, NLP, DBY and talking therapies are not 'tested' procedures, they are based only on assumption. They have not been tested for their effectiveness of producing a cure, but there is mounting evidence that they can cause a lot more harm. CBT for example, is rated on your attendance, not on recovery.

EFT, NLP and EMDR do not deserve our attention. There is no science that supports their efficacy in adjusting the neurology responsible for anxiety conditions. 


We live in a world full of products… boxed products and service based products developed to make money and provide for a need. Many therapies for anxiety are products but not solutions. Why? Because solutions require specific science and they certainly aren’t based on science.

A solution is defined as "what CANNOT FAIL to work". If something CAN fail, it's a treatment, not a solution.

Like exercise being a solution the unfitness. It cannot fail. The reason you still suffer is simple… nothing you have tried so far could have worked in the first place. This is why we at TLM are pretty nonchalant about the recoveries we create when psychologists and psychiatrists are jealous and angry about us taking their clients away from them. TLM cannot fail because it’s the instruction manual for evolution.


Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions… it keeps us safe but also drives doubt, undermines confidence and creates suspicion.

AND YET – millions of people trust surgeons, doctors, psychiatrists, homeopaths and other practitioners to cut them, fill them with chemicals and often damaging natural substances and carry out procedures on one basis… BLIND TRUST.


Because people have an in-built trust in people who SHOULD 'know best'… but, if they knew best, why is mental ill-health and other conditions out of control?

Why haven’t they cured you and millions like you?

If a top, well known, psychologist who specialises in OCD treatment has a best friend who suffers with OCD… what does that say about the psychologist?

Where are all their testimonials or even their proof of ability?

Do you ask to see a surgeon’s success rates or credentials before allowing them to operate on you? You should be! One of our company's employees was killed by a surgeon's actions.

Then there’s us… qualified psychologists, psychotherapists and educators who, for 24 years have had our methods tested and retested by over 300,000 clients, many of whom have provided statements and testimonials.

The NHS tested it to find 100% efficacy. We are members of the BACP and BPS. We are Trading Standards partners. We are CPD accredited.


Knowing that… who should you trust?

NO ONE is to weak, to ‘ill’, too far gone to use and recover using TLM.

Our clients are from 4 to 94 and I have never found a person that can’t recover. I have never failed to cure a client. IF THEY LISTEN.

Charles Linden

Educational Director - LTE

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