Residential four day program to overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, phobias, OCD, Pure O, Health Anxiety, PTSD, Eating Disorder, Self-Harm & Depression. Call us on +44(0)1562 702723


You will be immersed in an engaging, fun and life-changing environment for recovery

We are here to lead you to freedom from your anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions and low mood. Please don't 'settle' for coping or managing when real recovery is so simple.

Beth Linden - Retreats Director
Contact Beth or Sally on +44(0)1562 702720
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Our anxiety recovery retreats provide...

- Guided, supportive, reassuring recovery 
- Guidance and advice by Charles Linden
- Advice and reassurance by qualified Recovery Specialists
- A structured but enjoyable and often fun, program
- Life coaching & confidence training
- Anxiety symptoms & thoughts explained
- Structured sessions with our psychologist, Jenny
- A fantastic environment in which to relax and unwind

- Constantly present, qualified staff to guide & reassure
- A wonderful venue & curative program structure
- You may attend alone or with you family
- The program addresses the cause of your anxiety
- Advice sessions for your partner
- 24 hr hosting & care by our Anxiety Retreat Host, Jackie
- A wonderful, relaxing & life changing recovery program
- A raft of tools and resources to take away with you

Retreat Finance Available

Please contact us on +44(0)1562 702720 if you would like to apply for finance or would like more details about our Retreats and other programs.

“As a psychologist that has been treating anxiety and depression for over 25 years, I can espouse the effectiveness of the Linden Method.

For those of you that have suffered from either anxiety or depression, you know that the medication only serves to numb one’s experience of the real world. You also know that “talk therapy” cannot give you the tranquility that you desperately need.

Read the testimonials and give the Linden Method a trial and you will see for yourself.

I have been trained by the very best in the field psychology and psychiatry as you can see by my credentials, and I endorse the Linden Method with highest regards. Haven’t you suffered enough? The cure is at your disposal. Why wait?”

Romulo Valdez, Jr., Ph.D. Dr of Psychology. 
Harvard University and Dartmouth Medical School.

NHS Specified Trials - Unmatched Recovery Efficacy.
Over 300,000 people helped since 1997.
The only accredited, evidence based recovery provider.
Provider of psycho-education with near 100% efficacy.
Trading Standards Partners. NCFE - BPS/BACP - UKRLP

Sarah's Anxiety Recovery at Our Retreat

Teresa & Kath - Loved Ones at Our Retreat

Linda Robson on Her Son's Recovery

A 'Loved one's Daughter's Recovery

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