Be Coached by one of our Qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists

Call us on +44(0)1562 702720 to book sessions with one of our coaches.

One to One Coaching Sessions

 Working with one of our accredited, highly skilled Anxiety Recovery Coaches you will work through the program, guided by them personally, on a one-to-one basis, during 5 sessions over an 8-week period.  In addition to working with the coach you will also receive: 

  • 3 months access to our weekly webinar sessions
  • 3 months of telephone & email support from our specialist support team

Fees To include:

  • Five one-to-one Sessions over 8 weeks with a qualified Linden Method Coach¬†(Totalling approx. 5 hours)
  • Access to telephone and email support, should you require it,¬† plus webinar access as outlined above, following your last coaching session.

The fee for our coaching service is £660 to be paid in two instalments: 

  • ¬£330 payable on commencement and first two sessions arranged, membership access granted.
  • ¬£330 payable prior to session 3 and covers sessions 3,4 and 5. (Please note that there is no obligation to commit to the five sessions upon enrolment)¬†

Why are we different? 

  • Our anxiety recovery program is SOLUTION FOCUSED - we don't deal in management or coping strategies!
  • Our team know what it‚Äôs like to suffer and they know that our program works and are passionate about helping you to recover too.
  • We don't go BACK, no more exploring your past or trying to find reasons why you're struggling, we take you FORWARD.¬†
  • This is not THERAPY, it's COACHING and it‚Äôs the SOLUTION.
  • No matter what your symptom, this program works to remove the underlying anxiety and without the 'fuel' the symptoms cease to exist.

If working with one of our fabulous Linden Method Coaches is something you would like to try, please use the link below and complete the questionnaire.  This will enable us to review your situation and match you with the most suitable coach and then they will call you to assess your suitability and answer your questions and then you can decide if you wish to proceed. 

Advantages of using one of our LAR Coaches to assist you on your journey to recovery:  

  1. 1)  They will go at a pace to suit you, ensuring that you understand the process and can address any questions as you navigate your journey to recovery  
  2. 2)  They know what it’s like to suffer as they all have personal experience. They were once you!  
  3. 3)  They know our program works because they are living proof and are passionate about spreading the word and helping other sufferers to regain control of their life, as they have.  
  4. 4)  They will mentor and empower you and help you to stay positive and encouraged therefore expediting your recovery  
  5. 5)  You won’t have to feel alone in your recovery and will have the support of someone who really does understand what you are going through.


Please note: We do not offer CBT, talking therapy or medication and we do not attempt to merely treat the symptoms.  We treat the cause, which is the underlying anxiety condition and when you remove the anxiety (the fuel), the symptoms cannot exist, and full recovery happens naturally.


Anxiety is at the root of all your symptoms.  It is a fear disorder, not a mental illness.




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