Probably the most important information about anxiety disorders you will ever read.

Believe it or not... it's your choice whether to suffer or recover... just give us the opportunity to PROVE it to you.

In June 1996 our founder, Charles, almost fell out of a hospital exit into his fathers car after a psychiatrist appointment.

It was all because of a 22 year journey with anxiety disorders, OCD, phobias, eating disorders and the resultant physical, mental and medication-induced exhaustion and physical distress. 

Charles had endured ever-increasing anxiety, phobias, compulsions, obsessions, low-mood, intrusive thoughts and physical illness in the form of IBS, constant nausea, tinnitus, throat tightness, breathing issues, cardiac arrhythmia, dizziness and many more overwhelming physical and mental experiences.

He had seen many psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, alternative health practitioners, immunologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists and counsellors over the years but nothing worked.

If anything had helped at all it had been very short lived and was, at best, mildly reassuring.

Charles was, literally, at breaking point. 

See the photo above - This is Charles aged 26. He wore sunglasses due to the anxious hyper-vigilance making all his sense very sensitive.

Charles remembers "That day, my wife, Beth, took me out for a walk. I couldn't breathe properly, my heart was pounding in my chest, the dizziness and derealisation was overwhelming. I just wanted to go home, close the curtains and watch TV till I fell asleep. This was a real low point in my life. I remember telling Beth that I was 'too scared to live and too scared to die'. If I had known when I was a child, what I know now I would have never endured the misinformation, lies and selfishness of psychology and medicine that led to my near demise." 

Now weighing over 18 stone, looking and feeling overwhelmed and desperate Charles left the psychiatrist's office that day contemplating taking his life.

The psychiatrist had told him to ask his father to call at a newsagents on the way home in order to buy some men's magazines - his best advice was, to quote him exactly... "to go home and masturbate himself happy". 

Charles' father was furious as Charles recounted what the psychiatrist had told him but, like most parents, despite wanting to do anything at all to remove their child's suffering, his father felt helpless and desperate to find a solution.

Charles had been subjected to so much nonsense, sometimes from well meaning but ignorant counsellors or psychologists. He'd grown tired of the constant stream of senseless, often confusing exercises and homework he was given.

Charles' story with anxiety disorder had started in 1972 aged just 4 years. 

Back then Charles experienced separation anxiety, school-phobia, mild eating disorder, health anxiety and OCD; of course he din't understand the experiences he was having in context and hardly made it known to his parents.

Charles was resilient and thoughtful but he also believed that his experiences were normal and had to be tolerated. Even at a very young age, Charles made every effort to behave 'normally'. 

Throughout school, he always knew he was different, but wasn't sure why. At 11, Charles developed HOCD and severe agoraphobia - going to and staying at school became almost impossible and it was at this point that his mother took control and his family GP became involved. 

Despite counselling and medication, his anxiety disorders continued as he 'functioned' but didn't thrive. 

Charles refused a place at the country's best art school, avoided making decisions, missed opportunities, holidays and events and slowly became more and more reclusive.

Despite all of this he did a degree, albeit, remotely and received a 2:1 which was due to his hard work and determination despite his chronic anxiety, OCD, health anxiety, eating disorders and phobias.

It was that day with his father at the psychiatrist's office in 1996 that changed everything for him.

Through an accident of fate, Charles discovered the biological process that removes anxiety. he did it... and in TWO days he was back to his pre-anxiety self.

In effect, he switched off 22 years of anxiety disorder.

3 days later he was in London, alone presenting his business idea to a board of directors. Which they bought.

But here's the core of this message.

What Charles did is THE solution. It's not a treatment, a therapy a quick fix... it's the cure.

No one on earth needs to deal with an anxiety disorder. 

Anxiety is NOT an emotion. It is a physiological 'problem'.

Fear and anxiety are not the same.

Anxiety is NOT a mental illness or chemical imbalance.

Anxiety cannot be 'treated' through diet, pills, relaxation, meditation, hypnosis or any other widely used 'therapy'.

People ONLY suffer because the true cause and source of anxiety is UNKNOWN or IGNORED by psychology, psychiatry and medicine.

The reason you suffer is because 99.9% of those tasked with helping you are NOT equipped to help you.

The game changing fact...

Just hear us out...

Imagine if, for decades medics were told that fat consumption is the biggest cause of obesity, illness and death and that sugar is a problem but less of one. Every doctor in the world would advise their patients to reduce fat intake. Of course, a handful also mentioned sugar, but with less claims of 'evidence' behind their advice.

Now imagine how it would be if the research that proved that fat is the biggest issue, was paid for by the sugar industry. Would you believe the research?

For decades people have reduced fat content to improve their health and yet, globally, their health hasn't improved. Why?

Because the sugar industry created false science to prevent a reduction in sugar sales. Fact.

Now apply that same principle to anxiety disorders - the condition that 96% plus of all mental health budgets are used for. 

Imagine the millions of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers that make £$€ trillions every year from anxiety... now imagine if they told the truth!

That none of what they provide works and actually, you and all sufferers could recover naturally, quickly and for life by doing EXACTLY the opposite of what they have told you to do!

And yet, the frustration is that you learned the truth in school. Any endocinologist will give you the truth. Any psychophysiologist will give you the truth. Any neurologist will give you the truth.

But when were you ever referred to any of them during your anxiety suffering years? Never!

Why? Because by doing so the medical and psychological fraternity would lose those £$€ trillions.


When we do trials and tests with schools or the NHS or independent health organisations like Capita for example... and we have done many... our recovery outcomes are almost 100% - CBT's is ZERO - medication's is ZERO - meditation, hypnosis, EMDR, EFT's are ZERO.

They won't work, they can't work and they are wasting your life.

Some are mildly reassuring and relaxing but is that what you want when the scientifically verifiable recovery process is easy, cheap, fast and permanent?

The choice is yours... trust a team of ex sufferers who are qualified mental health professionals that have helped tens of thousands to reach full recovery... or carry on as you are, coping, managing and tolerating a disorder that can be so easily remedied.

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Hi, I am Beth Linden,

I am Managing Director and programs director for The Linden Centre and Anxiety Recovery Retreats.

What you see on these pages is the result of our team's hard work over the last 24 years. 

It all started with my husband's recovery back in 1996 and the development of our guided recovery programs and support from our amazing team of educators and mental health professionals.

Myself and the team now bring to you, what we know to be, the most life-changing experience - it's changed our lives too - from working in TV in 1996, I now go to work excited about the opportunity to change more lives instead of dreading the superficial situations within a stressful environment filled with egos and turmoil.

My husband is now only involved with providing support to the organisation, but he is an ever-present entity with constant contact with people who suffer like he once did through his webinars and videos.

We are here for each and every person who needs us and will be till you no longer do!

The Charles Linden and Linden Method trademarks have become synonymous with simple guidance, unmatched support and love. A fact of which we are all at LTC, very proud.

We are looking forward to showing you how quickly you can be feeling so much better.




The True Science of Disordered Emotion

TLM is the highest scoring recovery treatment available.

In government specified trials, TLM rated  90% more effective than any other anxiety disorder treatment with a measured outcome of Total Recovery. 100% of people tested experienced an average result of total recovery.

The scientific community knows the true nature of anxiety conditions but NO practice model has ever been developed within medicine or psychiatry/psychology to address them... but why?

Because anxiety conditions are neither psychological or medical in nature.

Anxiety is nothing to do with chemical imbalance, depression, psychiatric or physical illness and this is why all the intereventions you have tried have failed to cure you. They can't.

Since 1997 we have provided millions of people with evidence based recovery that cannot fail.

We have had all our courses tested and retested by nationalised healthcare, independent organizations and thousands of clients; we are the government's Trading Standards Office endorsed; we are a registered healthcare and educational organization and we only employ recovery psychology professionals.

We lead people to true, fast relief and I hope you allow us to do the same for you.


The Science of the Emotions & Recovery In Action

It's so easy to become entrenched in the belief that anxiety conditions are incurable and that managing or coping with the conditions are the only solutions. They are not.

The science of the emotions is grounded in human evolution and simple human biology as is recovery from all anxiety conditions.

There is no need for drugs, analysis, talking therapy or hypnosis; these, like many others, are 'treatments' but they are not solutions because they do not address the core condition. In most cases they can make you far worse.

As a sufferer, you already know that because you have probably tried most solutions and feel no better.

Don't give up based on failed treatments... the reason you suffer is 'bad advice'.



The four vital factors that make us so different to anything you will have accessed so far are:
1. We are the only provider of accredited anxiety recovery programs.
2. No other mental health organisation comes near to the effectiveness of our programs.
3. No other program, course or therapy has thousands of recovery testimonials.
4. No other therapy utilizes the correct science.

Since 1997, we have provided educational programs teaching sufferers, educators, medics, psychologists and organizations world-over with unmatched results. We are also the world's only provider of Recovery Practitioner training. 


You COULD attend one of our Anxiety Recovery Retreats like tens of thousands of clients from around the world. You could be personally mentored by Charles Linden or one of the Recovery Team but there's a long waiting list and the fees can be restrictive OR you can access that same recovery instruction, just like over 300,000 other clients and receive professional telehone and email advice when YOU need it right now, for a fraction of the price.

You need FAST results - We've done all the hard work and lost all that time so YOU don't have to.

The outcome is the same in every case... transformational, life-changing recovery.


An International Reputation for Producing Real Recovery

People come from all over the world to attend our courses and residential Retreats.

We are consultants to TV, Movie studios, corporates, sports clubs and media and provide recovery consultancy to health organizations around the world.

We have over 24 years experience working directly with clients and client companies and providing TV, radio and online presentation and guest appearances.

We also have our own internal media team who create all written, audio, video and online media.

"You have found fast and full recovery, that I assure you!

Since 1997 we have helped over 420,000 people, developed the only accredited recovery therapy and run the only recovery online portal, workshops and residential programs... with unmatched efficacy.

The National Health Service (NHS) created testing for our programs based on their standardized GAD7 process. Test results confirmed that our programs create 100% efficacy in people who do it.

Suffering another day is unnecessary. Just follow our lead and watch real science in action. You'll soon understand why everything else failed you."

Beth Linden

Right: Beth and her husband Charles Linden - The Times newspaper

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Since 1997, we have been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world.


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Over 26 years we have echoed the efficacy demonstrated by government specified testing of our programs in every day practice.

In testing, the National Health Service determined that we created an average of 'total recovery' in 100% of our clients.

These results are over 900% higher than any other anxiety treatment.

This is the reason why we are on speed-dial of major sports clubs, celebrities from TV and film and why we work with major organizations and media companies.

When people need fast results, they call us. When medical and psychological organizations need to ensure recovery in a patient, they call us.

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Evidence Based Recovery Practice Since 1997. We were the first online mental health services provider.

Government tested efficacy demonstrating near 100% recovery outcomes.

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Our Recovery Specialists aren't just highly qualified mental health specialists, they are also ex anxiety disorder sufferers who know what it is to suffer but also know how to create fast and life-long recovery from all anxiety conditions.

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We are a UKRLP registered educational organization, members of the PSHE, NHS iapt, Stepped Care Model and NICE compliant.

All of our team members are qualified mental health and recovery practice trained. MBACP/BPS registered.

We are also Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority.

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