I will prove to you...

...that you can and will be anxiety free fast... but also that removing your disorder will release potential that you, probably, aren't even aware of.

I promise you that what we show you will, not only, take away the hearache your anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions or compulsions cause you... but will also make you the VERY BEST version of you imaginable.

"My story is your story..."

I guarantee that what I tell you will change your beliefs and anxiety level instantly.

I suffered from anxiety, panic, OCD, eating disorder, health anxiety, Pure O, emetophobia, derealization and more from age 4, till I was 26. 

Then... I recovered and I will teach you EXACTLY how.

Having spent 24 years working in anxiety recovery alongside some of the world's most incredible neurologists and psycho-physiologists I guarantee that the science behind this method that cured me, will switch off your anxiety, phobias, overthinking, compulsions, panic, obsessions and every symptom completely.

I assure you that the process we provide to you is THE ONLY humanly possible process that reduces and removes anxiety conditions.

It creates total emotional balance.

How do we know? Because in 24 years and over 300,000 clients, it has never failed... because it can't fail.

Recovery is hard-wired into us all by human evolution - science is science.

Director - Linden Tree Education

Before you read on...

It is VITAL to your 'anxiety free' future, that you read and understand this...

Despite what you have read, seen or heard, all anxiety disorders are the product of your mind activating too much fear.
Your fear response is in disorder.
Like any disorder, unfitness for example, there is just ONE solution.

You and all anxiety disorder sufferers are told that you need medication, talking therapy, relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, EFT, EMDR... and the list goes on.

But, PLEASE understand this:

I am sure you have tried some, or all, of those treatments... are you recovered? No, of course not... but why haven't you and millions more people recovered using these 'treatments'?

Because they CANNOT work.

If you decide to use those treatments, it is your choice, but science dictates that they cannot and will not work to remove your disorder.

If you try to 'relax', 'medicate' or 'talk' your way out of systemic disorder, it is like trying to relax, medicate or talk yourself into fitness.

Those 'treatments' seem like the easiest, most qualified and accessible solutions, but they are not and anyone who tells you otherwise, even if they seem highly qualified, are either misinformed or deceiving you.

Science, human evolution, research, clinical testing and 24 years experience helping millions of people are the basis for these facts and the evidence based solution you can access today that will immediately transform how you feel, think and behave... with no effort.

The Science of the Emotions & Recovery In Action

It's so easy to become entrenched in the belief that anxiety conditions are incurable and that managing or coping with the conditions are the only solutions. They are not.

The science of the emotions is grounded in human evolution and simple human biology as is recovery from all anxiety conditions.

There is no need for drugs, analysis, talking therapy or hypnosis; these, like many others, are 'treatments' but they are not solutions because they do not address the core condition. In most cases they can make you far worse.

As a sufferer, you already know that because you have probably tried most solutions and feel no better.

Don't give up based on failed treatments... the reason you suffer is 'bad advice'.



The four vital factors that make us so different to anything you will have accessed so far are:
1. We are the only provider of accredited anxiety recovery programs.
2. No other mental health organisation comes near to the effectiveness of our programs.
3. No other program, course or therapy has thousands of recovery testimonials.
4. No other therapy utilizes the correct science.

Since 1997, we have provided educational programs teaching sufferers, educators, medics, psychologists and organizations world-over with unmatched results. We are also the world's only provider of Recovery Practitioner training. 


You COULD attend one of our Anxiety Recovery Retreats like tens of thousands of clients from around the world. You could be personally mentored by Charles Linden or one of the Recovery Team but there's a long waiting list and the fees can be restrictive OR you can access that same recovery instruction, just like over 300,000 other clients and receive professional telehone and email advice when YOU need it right now, for a fraction of the price.

You need FAST results - We've done all the hard work and lost all that time so YOU don't have to.

The outcome is the same in every case... transformational, life-changing recovery.

"You have found fast and full recovery, that I assure you!

When I recovered in 1996 after 22 years of anxiety, panic, OCD, phobias, health anxiety and eating disorders, I vowed to make recovery practice available to every sufferer - and I am getting there!

Since 1997 I have helped over 300,000 people, developed the only accredited recovery therapy and run the only recovery online portal, workshops and residential programs... with unmatched efficacy.

The National Health Service (NHS) created testing for our programs based on their standardized GAD7 process. Test results confirmed that our programs create 100% efficacy in people who do it.

Suffering another day is unnecessary. Just follow our lead and watch real science in action. You'll soon understand why everything else failed you."

Charles Linden

Right: Charles & Beth Linden feature - The Times newspaper

An International Reputation for Recovery Provision

People come from all over the world to attend our courses and residential Retreats.

We are consultants to TV, Movie studios, corporates, sports clubs and media and provide recovery consultancy to health organizations around the world.

Charles Linden is a recovery consultant with over 24 years experience working directly with clients and client companies and providing TV, radio and online presentation and guest appearances.

We also have our own internal media team who create all written, audio, video and online media.

World Renowned Recovery Services

Visited and used by people from all over the world since 1997

Mobile Enabled Recovery & Recovery Portal Access

Since 1997 - We were the first provider of online professional mental health recovery services. Our Recovery Portal has been used by over 300,000 people.

Recovery Workshops & Recovery Portal Access

Since 2004, our Anxiety Recovery Workshops provide individuals and organizations with structured, professional guidance leading to full and life-long recovery.

4 Day Recovery Retreats & Recovery Portal Access

Since 2003, our unique Recovery Retreats programs provide clients from all over the world with an immersive and enjoyable recovery experience with unmatched efficacy.

More Testimonials Than Any Other

Tens of Thousands of Recovery Outcome Case Studies

We have tens of thousands of testimonials, reviews and medical statements confirming the efficacy experienced and the log-term relief we generate in our clients that make all at Linden Tree so proud of the work we do. No other organization on earth has this level of recovery success evidence.

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Featured in 1000's of Magazines & Newspapers around the world.

Since 1997, we have been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world.

Our founder, Charles Linden, has been 'agony uncle' in many publications as well as being a specialist provider of content and an expert consultant in magazines, newspapers, on TV programs and on websites.


The Best results in Mental Health

Unmatched Recovery Effectiveness

Over 24 years of practice and in over 300,000 clients, we have echoed the efficacy demonstrated by government specified testing of our programs.

In testing, the National Health Service tests determined that we created an average of 'total recovery' in 100% of our clients.

These results are over 900% higher than any other anxiety treatment.

Tiis is the reason why we are on speed-dial of major sports clubs, celebrities from TV and film and why we work with major organizations and media companies.

When people need fast results, they call us. When medical and psychological organizations need to ensure recovery in a patient, they call us.

The 1st Provider of Online Services

Evidence Based Recovery Practice Since 1997. We were the first online mental health services provider.

Government tested efficacy demonstrating near 100% recovery outcomes.

  • We are the only provider of Psycho-educational recovery.
  • We only employ BACP/BPS psychology professionals.
  • We are Trading Standards partners.
  • We are a NCFE educational organisations registered with the UKRLP.

The World's Most Qualified Specialists

Support & Guidance by BACP & BPS Recovery Practitioners

Our Recovery Specialists aren't just highly qualified mental health specialists, they are also ex anxiety disorder sufferers who know what it is to suffer but also know how to create fast and life-long recovery from all anxiety conditions.

Some of Our Famous Clients Speak Out

We are consultants to many TV and film studios, sports teams, professional organizations, celebrities and even the aristocracy.

Hear What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

We have helped over 300,000 people to recover. Some provide us with wonderful videos and emails to use to help us to help YOU


Accredited Recovery Providers

We are an NCFE educational organization, members of the PSHE, UKRLP registered and NICE compliant.

All of our team members are qualified mental health and recovery practice trained. MBACP/BPS registered.

We are also Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority.

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