The Truth About Anxiety – That Is Hidden From Sufferers

Facts gathered over 24 years helping over 300,000 people that you need to know

My name is Charles Linden.

Charles Linden

Believe me when I tell you that I know exactly how you are feeling but vitally I ALSO KNOW exactly how to cure high anxiety conditions and it happens to be that the cure I discovered for myself, is the same cure that every recovered sufferer has ever used; because it’s the ONLY cure! Allow me time to explain.

THE TRUTH about anxiety disorders lies below this letter and is born of the ultimate truth that you are human, that you are anxious and that your suffering is pointless and curable.

What if I PROVE to you what the only cure for anxiety disorders is?

What if I could PROMISE you that we will provide you with THE solution? It doesn’t matter what you call it, the name is irrelevant; what if we PROVE to you that this process is the ONLY cure for high anxiety, if we showed you that seven year old children do it without effort, that it hs never failed to cure someone that does it and that there is no other cure… would you just TRY it? NOT The Linden Method, that’s just the name we give to it… the process… as simple process… a process that was ‘born into you’.

The solution is already within you…


The solution lies within YOU and if I could download it directly from my brain into yours, I would… but given that neither of us have a ‘USB port’ behind our ears, I can only communicate the solution verbally. If you do as I suggest, which is so simple to do, you’ll see that what I say is truth and that this truth will eradicate your anxiety disorder permanently. It never fails. It’s easy. You will do this… because myself and my team will help you to, if recovery is truly what you want.

It TRULY couldn’t be simpler, faster or more effective!

Here is our 1-2-3 of Anxiety Disorders based on the findings of 14 years helping 155,000 plus people to recover and the data collected by my team of doctors of psychology, psychologists and psychotherapists. It’s such common sense and so simple.

The 1-2-3 of Anxiety Disorders & Recovery

1 – The anxiety response

At some point you have activated the anxiety response in your subconscious mind – the catalyst of that anxiety is irrelevant, so lets forget that for now.

PLEASE understand that anxiety isn’t an illness, it is the EMOTION OF FEAR, a chemical and electrical reaction within the brain that gives us the experience of fear. It’s just that, at this moment, it’s firing when it shouldn’t be, but we can fix that.

The anxiety response, often called the ‘fight or flight response’ is the human ‘risk analysis and reduction process’ and should activate when real threat is present. When appropriate, the anxiety response deals with real threat and then switches off when it has been dealt with. You’ll be familiar with the effect when someone jumps out at you, when you brake suddenly to avoid a crash or when you see someone fall etc. The fear response is activated and then, when the threat has gone, your anxiety settles back down.

Various hormones, including adrenalin, are released during the anxiety response in order to prepare the body for action during which your entire body goes through many harmless, but sometimes uncomfortable, changes. Once action has been taken, the anxiety response deactivates.

KEY to your recovery is the fact that the anxiety response activates in the brain, when real threat is present, in under ONE second and deactivates, also, in under a second. Ok, you may be left feeling a little shaky, breathless, sweaty or nauseous for a short time, but the actual core anxiety has been stopped by the brain… because it is no loger required. In principle, that’s how quickly anxiety disorder RECOVERY can take. That’s how it SHOULD work, so why doesn’t it?

2 – What happens to cause your anxiety anxiety disorder?

YOU were born with a genetic ‘gift’ and that gift is a double edged sword because when you use it, it will make you great, but when it uses YOU, anxiety disorders form.

At some point in the past, your anxiety was activated… no problem there.

BUT you have what only about 20-25% of humans have…we call it CREATIVE INTELLECT. You know this is true…

That is not to say that you are a great artist, which is what most people think when wetell them this… it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have achieved great things or have been accademically accomplished… YET! But, the intellect is there, being underutilized, FUELING your anxiety disorder!

  • You probably have the ability to ‘think outside the box’.
  • You are probably inventive and curious.
  • You may be artistic or have ideas swimming around in your head.
  • You may be sensitive, cautious… a thinker.
  • You may be ‘different’ to other members of your family.
  • You’re probably ‘in to’ design, creativity, art, music or inventing things.
  • You are probably ‘bored’ much of the time.
  • You might switch from one subject to another or lack attention/focus.


All that ‘ability’ is because you have creative intellect.

UNFORTUNATELY, creative intellect is also the FUEL that drives anxiety disorders.

Was this included in the ‘great human blueprint’? No, it’s a ‘stick in the spokes’ of the evolutionary wheel, because humans were never meant to be so ‘socially evolved, creative and intellectual. We have genetically evolved to be hunter gatherers… not sophisticated, advanced beings with overpacked brains.

It was never the ‘plan’ that the anxiety response would CRASH into our creative abilites in this way and fuel the development of high anxiety conditions with such force.

Your anxiety levels haven’t returned to normal because your creative centre in the brain is in a constant ‘risk assessment’ loop… anxiety symptoms cause risk assessments, creativity embellishes them – ‘What if the racing heart is X, Y or Z? ‘What if that dizziness is caused by 1,2 or 3?’ – the mind interprets your symptoms as TRUE risk and responds with… yes more anxiety… more symptoms are produced and the anxiety feedback loop continues ad infinitum and all because your creativity doesn’t let them go.

So, creative intellect fuels high anxiety conditions… so what’s the ‘3’ in the 1-2-3?

3 – The solution

Your anxiety SHOULD have switched off immediately after your first bout of anxiety, whenever that was, but it didn’t because of your creative mind. The anxiety response, like all emotions, should activate in under a second as stress hormones are released in the brain and then, once the ‘threat’ has gone, should also switch OFF in under a second.

So, if it hasn’t happened naturally, what can you do? FORCE it to happen of course.

The solution lies in manipulating your mind into BELIEVING you are safe and when it does, your anxiety levels return to normal… PERMANENTLY.


THIS process is the ONLY way all ex anxiety sufferers have recovered and the way that we can help you to force your brain to turn off your anxiety disorder… with ease. We’ve helped over 155,000 other sufferers to do it, we know how to do it – our team are practiced at showing people of all ages how to do it and YOU will do it too. Charles Linden did it, which is what started this amazing discovery and you won’t believe just how easy and overwhelmingingly life changing it is. But don’t take our word for it… read these comments and make up your own mind.

Let us make it very simple to understand.

The ONLY way to recover from a high anxiety condition is to return your anxiety levels back to normal.

This isn’t OUR theory, it’s biological fact. A simple way to understand this in context is that when you laugh it’s because the data you have collected through your senses tells you that something is funny. When you cry, it’s because your senses have collected data about something in your environment that is sad. This data is sent to your subconscious mind and hormones are released that make you experience the emotion. Once the event is over, we stop crying or laughing. The same is true of anxiety. There is therefore only one solution and that is to SWITCH OFF the emotion of fear in you.

  • No medication can achieve this.
  • No psychotherapy can achieve this.
  • CBT cannot achieve this.
  • Hypnotherapy cannot achieve this.

The process outlined in our Method is that solution.

Our Method guides you to ultimate, total and permanent anxiety disorder elimination and the good news is… it CAN’T fail. If you are human and have high anxiety, you WILL recover.

Charles Linden


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