My promise to you...

I know I can tell you how to recover quickly and for life... all I need is a little of your time.

I promise to personally address all your questions and concerns about every symptom, thought or sensation and to show you how to recover even when all else has failed you.  



Proven recovery from anxiety, phobias, OCD, panic attacks, emetophobia, eating disorders, health anxiety, PTSD, pure O, derealization, depersonalization, low mood, self-harming... in fact, all disordered emotions!


26 Years as the highest scoring anxiety disorder recovery solution available


Unique Video Instructions

For overcoming: Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, PTSD, Self Harming, Low Mood, Health Anxiety, Emetophobia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Monophobia... in fact, any disordered emotions.



Our process is grounded in proven science, validated through government studies and trusted and referred to by thousands of health providers and organizations for over 26 years.


Effortless Experience

The program stimulates the mind and body requiring very little active participation by the user in order to reset emotional responses for good - the process mimics what your mind and body should naturally do.

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Evidence Based

26 years helping people to recover coupled with constant case management, data collection and research and development has created resources that work in every case.

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Professional Support

Our support team are all members of the BACP and BPS and are qualified psychology professionals. They have all suffered with anxiety disorders and have decades of years experience helping millions of people.

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Unmatched Outcomes

The Linden Method produces unmatched results because it uses the science associated with your disorder to undo changes that have been made through your disorder. It cannot fail to produce relief.

What Do You Receive inside my program?

Recovery instruction - The simple to watch instructional videos to guide you to recovery. Plus...

My 'Fast Track to Recovery' from Anxiety Disorders' Video (How to speed up recovery).

My own¬†Recovery Story ‚Äď ‚ÄėAnxiety Free Me‚Äô.

'Condition Specific' Videos in which I explain the main symptoms of anxiety and why they exist.

My power-play Audios - I recorded for instruction of how to overcome Insomnia and stop racing/intrusive thoughts quickly.

The Panic Attack Eliminator - How to stop panic attacks before they start.

The Phobia Eliminator - Simple phobia removal.

The Grief Brief - Simple instructions to deactivate grief and loss quickly.

Postnatal anxiety/depression recovery instruction and support.

Depression and anxiety recovery instruction and support.

Stress recovery program. This is my stress recovery TV series that was repeated over 200 times internationally.

Journey out of Agoraphobia - Agoraphobia/monophobia recovery. These are actual recordings of me 'walking my way out of agoraphobia'... follow my lead to fast, simple recovery without causing yourself stress or extra anxiety.

The OCD Solution (For OCD, Pure O, HOCD, POCD, ROCD etc.) - I wrote this for a friend and she encouraged me to make it available to everyone. The program has now been used by over 120,000 people.

Eating disorder recovery instruction and support.

...and so much more to completely erase all inappropriate fear and low mood

How does The Linden Method work?

Everything you will need to follow over 450,000 of our ex clients to definite and full recovery.
I personally host 4 x 90 minute online Zoom recovery meet-ups per month:
  • Interactive support advice by myself and my¬†team.
  • You'll get the recovery advice benefit of¬†my own and the team's 24 years working in the Retreats, Workshops and online programs.
  • These are recorded and uploaded so that you never have to miss one.
Full access to the Recovery Program and my  suite of video recovery instruction, quick-fix apps and tools including:
  • My step-by-step video recovery instructions in simple to understand language.
  • The Fast Track video - How to recover fast. Switch off your disordered emotions naturally and now.
  • Stop Intrusive Thoughts and Overthinking - Quick fix.
  • The Anxiety Relief Diet - changes to make today that provide immediate relief.
  • Insomnia Buster.
  • Removing Symptoms & manifestations.
  • Prescription Drug advice.
  • Stress Free in 30 Days TV series and instructional course.
  • The Panic Attack Eliminator app.
  • The Grief Brief - Bereavement, loss and change videos.
  • The OCD Solution - The OCD and Pure O recovery program.
  • Journey Out of Agoraphobia & Monophobia videos.
  • Relaxation, Insomnia, Confidence, and Empowerment audio guidance.
  • and more.

The Recovery Portal - click-access to resource material covering life issues including insomnia, IBS, stress, eczema, indigestion, sensations and symptoms, muscle pain, substance abuse, abuse and more, through explanation of symptom causation and recovery solutions.


Before all else, please read and understand this statement. It is the truth that will release you from your disorder and the grips of what cannot work.

We have been a registered psycho-educational recovery provider since 1997. Our staff are all registered mental healthcare professionals with the highest level of recovery practice training and accreditation. We are the only provider of recovery instruction. We are CPD and UKRLP accredited.


ALL forms of anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and intrusive thoughts are tied up inside the human fear response. To remove them, you have to take your mind through a very specific process. That process is not activated through therapy, medication, relaxation or any of the processes contained within psychology, medicine or alternative therapies. It developed during human evolution and relies on simple principles. Which is what we teach you; which is why we create fast recovery.

It cannot fail. The only reason for failure is not doing it! We will lead you to recovery.


"Since 1997, I have watched 1000's of people who'd given up on recovery or even some relief, recover fully. Still today, I am inspired by the speed of recovery of every client we help". Beth

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