My years with anxiety disorders were the basis for the development of the only recovery therapy

I suffered from 1972 till 1996.

My story is probably pretty common in the anxiety-suffering world. GAD, panic disorder, monophobia, agoraphobia, emetophobia, OCD, Pure O, fear of dying, fear of fainting, health anxiety, eating disorder, self-harming... the usual stuff.

After 22 years of suffering, medication, and every therapy possible I cured myself. I had understood the true science and reverse-engineered the solution. the ONLY solution. Dictated by human evolution and simple science.

Having completely recovered from every aspect of my anxiety conditions, I put together a set of simple instructions that anyone could understand and use to do the very same.

Since 1996 we have been doing just that and now the program is the only dedicated, evidence based anxiety recovery therapy.

No regrets...

People often ask me whether I regret suffering for 22 years or whether I mourne the years I lost to anxiety disorders.

The answer is simple... NO... if it weren't for all of those years, the inappropriate psychological and psychiatric treatments, the medication, the counselling, CBT and all other weird and dreadful things I tolerated out of despair, I wouldn't have created this life-saving organisation out of the DEEP knowledge I gathered about what CAN'T work.

There's nothing else like it...

I tried every possible solution between 1972 and 1996 but nothing and no one offered
or created any real relief. I now know why that is.

Millions of people...

Have accessed and used our materials, courses, books and videos.

Over 300,000 have used our recovery portal alone.

Government specified testing demonstrates 100% recovery outcomes.

We have 1000's of recovery testimonials from clients, celebrities, doctors and aristocracy.

None of the above is evident anywhere else in mental health, health or education and really... that says it all.

A unique journey

I've had the priveledge of having sat in front of thousands of anxious people since 1997 - from that data, I have created a unique and unmatched database of information and experiences - that all provide conclusive evidence and facts that help to make your recovery simple and fast.

My work...

Has taken me all over the world and into some very interesting environments filled with amazing, interesting people.

I adore my work and the people I work with... selfless humans who are 100% focused on bringing relief to millions.

No matter who or where you are, needless suffering from anxiety conditions makes me ever more focused on bringing TLM to everyone.

We are all very proud of the difference we make.


Let me share...

...the data I have gathered over 22 years of suffering from anxiety disorders and 25 years helping millions to recover. Fill in yoiur details below to watch my anxiety reciovery video.

It's so simple...

...to fall into the trap of believing what we are told by, seamingly, trained professionals. But things aren't quite as they seem.

My journey with anxiety, panic, phobias and obsessions took me down many dead-ends BUT these were part of a journey that showed me exactly where I had gone wrong.

Now, I advise mental health services, consult for organisations and provide the world's only accredited recovery therapy.

You'll discover the TRUE science of your condition and exactly why it's taken you this long to find the solution

The only reason you still suffer...

...is that you haven't yet done what it takes to recover. There is one cause of all fear disorders and therefore only one solution. It's as easy as eating to cure hunger... when you know how.

It's your choice whether to swim with the other fish or to do what demonstrates the most evidence of recovery.


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