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Anxiety Recovery Practitioner Accreditation

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LAR Practice was founded on a single set of principles...

That all anxious people need very specific explanation, support and instruction and that a compromise would never do!

Become aa CPD accredited Anxiety Recovery Coach and bring true recovery instruction to the world as a member of our extended team.


Unlike other session based therapeutic approaches, we provide solution focused, evidence based recovery practice. Our goal is to gain a reputation for recovery not just our smiling faces.


Recovery means changing and saving lives. We trade in joyful relief. Our aim is to give sufferers what they need in the correct quantity, with consistancy, structure and professional support.


Be recognized for the expert you are. Allow your success to speak for you. Be the difference that brings recovery, balance, lifelong wellbeing and fulfilment to your clients lives.

All The Tools You Need To Become Accredited & Build A Successful, Reputation-Driven Anxiety Recovery Coaching Business

In a world in which anxiety suffering has exponentially grown it is now, more than ever, become necessary to provide real recovery efficacy. Healthcare couldn't cope before, but now the problem is at pandemic proportions and the lack of curative outcomes has made handling the tsunami of suffering untenable.

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In The Midst of A Global Mental Health Pandemic, Millions Need You

In schools, in colleges, universities, police stations, military bases, hospitals, clinics, businesses, the mergency services... anxiety suffering is everywhere and everywhere it is, we need to be.