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Living With High Anxiety Conditions

We, at LTE, truly understand what you are experiencing. Whether it's panic, derealisation, OCD, agoraphobia, health anxiety or one of the many other conditions or symptoms of an anxiety disorder we have all suffered and recovered.

How You Will Feel Tomorrow

The good news is we can quickly make you feel better fast without medication or pointless 'therapy'. Start our recovery Instruction today and deactivate the core disorder - reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence about every aspect of your life.

Finished The Linden Method

Once you have finished The Linden Method, you will be free to lead a "normal" anxiety free life, totally recovered and without any future anxiety related issues. Start your journey to real recovery today.



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Helener On Her Anxiety
& Derealization Recovery

I ordered the Home Learning Programme and the day it arrived, I remember holding it in my hands with a smile on my face. I kissed the box and believed. I got to work straight away and started to implement all the things I was told to do.

I went onto learn to sing and dance on stage and did productions in the theatre in front of hundreds of people. I became an even better version of me because of my journey. If you have the courage to start you have the courage to succeed. I learnt how to fly again and you can too.


Rich on His Recovery from Multiple Anxiety Conditions

It felt like my life was coming to an end! I was always an anxious person, even from a very young age.All the way through school I was the one that would sit at the back of the classroom and avoid communication with others, which made my anxiety bearable. My anxiety really reached its peak when I was around 18 years old.

I am proof that the Linden method really does work and you can recover.

Just trust me, you can get your life back."


"I now know that my future won't be ruined by anxiety..."

When I saw Charles' post about this module, I immediately joined. The video makes so much sense. I have, literally, never heard anything like it in my life before. He said it would change my beliefs but it's also changed my entire life.  I now know that my future won't be ruined by uncontrollable anxiety. I can't believe all the people I have been to and paid for have never said anything like it. Life changing Charles. Thank you, thank you. Carole Kent

"You said it would change my mind Charles..."

That was the understatement of the year. OMG. Anyone that suffers from any anxiety, watch this material. It is simply the best thing I have ever seen Charles and certainly anyone else do. It's genius. Thank you so much Charles. Jenni Friend

"This is mind blowing..."

My anxiety levels immediately dropped and stayed down. Charles that video was mind blowing. I sat there spellbound for 27 minutes and then watched it twice more. Once with my girlfriend and once with my mum and I am just waiting for my dad to get home to watch it again. It's changed my life mate. Dylan

The Linden Method FAQs


  • I've been told it's not possible to recover...
  • Despite what you may have been told, you can and will recover from your anxiety disorder.

  • How do I start?
  • Just watch the recovery instruction videos and you will soon experience the fast relief you need.

  • Why do I have to pay?
  • Like any business, we have a wonderful team who support the recovery of thousands of people all over the world. Plus, we have a constant group of over 30,000 active clients and huge business costs. We also run workshops and retreats, corporate programs and have three international centers, If we didn;t charge, we'd have to 'close shop'.

  • How do I trust it will work?
  • Feel free to read some of the, over 10,000, testimonials on our website and further afield. We have been doing this for 24 years, our team are all qualified mental health and recovery practitioners. The truth is, it can't fail. It was developed by human evolution and is guaranteed by science.



Access is immediate.


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