22 Years Suffering... 24 Years Helping over 30 Million People...

...and in 1997, forming the world's only psycho-educational recovery organisation. residential recovery facility, home-access professional-led recovery program and workshops... has provided solutions that the NHS called "The scientific cure for anxiety disorders".*

"I will prove to you 100% that you only suffer because of BAD ADVICE and nothing more."

I guarantee that what I tell you will change your beliefs, reduce your anxiety, increase your confidence and reassure you more than anything else has ever heard before.

Following my simple instructions will lead you by the hand, to full recovery and total elimination of every anxiety related symptom and thought.

This module contains the introduction I present at the start of our residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats and it is at this moment that the 'lightbulb goes on' and the relief washes over our clients.

The science of recovery is founded in genetics and simple human biology - science vital to recovery but ignored by psychology and medicine.

When you hear this... you'll regret the time you listened to others!

"In the next 30 minutes you, or your loved one, will feel hugely reassured and a whole lot more confident than you do now, that I assure you."

I am going to permanently change everything you believed about your anxiety disorder and show you the most positive, exciting and inspiring moment of your journey with these pointless, unnecessary disorders.

You'll be shown...

...the simple scientific explanation of the physiology of anxiety and every symptom and thought you experience... and you will learn how what you experience is NOT mental illness, BUT a gift that will give you a remarkable life experience.

Charles Linden - Director LTE

"Makes so much sense..."

When I saw Charles' post about this module, I immediately joined. The video makes so much sense. I have, literally, never heard anything like it in my life before. He said it would change my beliefs but it's also changed my entire life. I can't believe all the people I have been to and paid for have never said anything like it. Life changing Charles. Thank you, thank you. Carole Kent

"You said it would change my mind Charles..."

That was the understatement of the year. OMG. Anyone that suffers from any anxiety, watch this material. It is simply the best thing I have ever seen Charles and certainly anyone else do. It's genius. Thank you so much Charles. Jenni Friend

"This is mind blowing..."

My anxiety levels immediately dropped and stayed down. Charles that video was mind blowing. I sat there spellbound for 27 minutes and then watched it twice more. Once with my girlfriend and once with my mum and I am just waiting for my dad to get home to watch it again. It's changed my life mate. Dylan

My world was changed by recovery but changed more by the 1000's of recoveries we have created.

This is what you need today to feel better tomorrow. I live to cure people and love the life and satisfaction it gives me. We are here for YOU because we all were you once. This is scientific recovery presented simply by a registered psycho-educational organization - it's the solution wrapped up and ready to use. You will recover.

Charles Linden. CEO

PS. Yes, that's me on the right... the two photos are taken 8 months part.

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