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Proven Recovery Process

24 years of recovery practice created a straight-forward process and actionable instructions that can't fail to remove disordered emotions.

World's Leading Recovery Expert

Charles and the team have all suffered, recovered and lead 1000's of individuals like you to full recovery. Trust their ability to change your life and your recovery is inevitable.

Evidence-based Resources

24 years of research, development and science-based, evidence-driven practice has created amazing tools for you to utilise and benefit from to aid you in your FAST recovery.

If you truly want relief, your body and mind are listening... now all you have to do is talk to them.

The ethos of our online, workshop and residential recovery programs has always been to provide the facilities, support and resources that we would want for our own children.

As ex-sufferers, industry professionals and educators, we never compromise on the individual attention to each and every client we help.

Some services are spasmodic, expensive, time consuming and lack guidance, constant support and effectiveness and we want to be as least like them as possible.

Everything we provide has been considered and designed with YOU 100% in mind.

Nothing is difficult, time-consuming or pointless.

Everything has been designed with a firm grip on science and success.

YOU are our priority.


  • waking up free of the physical and mental manifestations of anxiety
  • never experiencing insomnia or night-frights again
  • never having another panic attack
  • being present instead of dazed and distracted by your thoughts and symptoms
  • never having to plan your life around phobias, obsessions or compulsions
  • being free of intrusive thoughts and over-thinking
  • being free of eating disorder, traumatic memories or self-harming
  • becoming the resourcesful, loving, generous and kind human you were born to be
  • feeling excited and compelled by positive emotions

Over 24 years and 340,000 clients we have shown, time and time again that all of the above aren't just possible, they are guaranteed when you apply simple science.

Which is what we do.

The Linden Method will quickly and permanently erase your disorders.

We love what we do because we love changing lives and our ability to do so is unmatched.

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Meet The Founder

  • Recovery & Life Coach to over 30 million people
  • Mental Health Educator & Educational Strategist
  • Over 24 years in-depth experience coaching global corporates, sports-people, celebrities and more
  • Published author, columnist, TV presenter, radio guest and developer of over 900 programs and resources

I'm passionate about helping you to truly recover... as an organization, LTE is focused on full, fast and final solutions... no manangement, coping or 'fob-offs'.

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