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Everything your organisation & team need to understand, create and maintain mental health & wellbeing - Includes online stress & anxiety disorder recovery and awareness training.

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Mental Health Training

A twelve-part mental health education, awareness and signposting course. Unlimited access for your employees.

Recovery Programmes

Recovery from anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, OCD, health anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming. In fact, any disorder of emotions.

Life Enhancing Tools

We provide hundreds of life-enhancing tools, videos, programs & resources for every aspect of health, happiness & wellbeing.

Company Mental Health Education, Recognition & Signposting Training Course


One Step to Complete Peace of Mind

The only provider of solution focused and evidence based wellbeing resources.

We were the world's first provider of online mental health resources and support.

Since 1997 we have provided millions of people with resources for stress, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, grief, depression and other disorders of the emotions with targeted recovery and wellbeing solutions.

Our unique position in the wellbeing world has been underpinned by unmatched recovery efficacy evidenced by NHS specified testing and guidance in partnership with Trading Standards and the NCFE.

Our team members are all BACP and BPS mental health professionals and educators.

"Imagine how it would be to remove most mental health conditions from your organisation and in doing so, also activate hidden intellectual resourcesfulness that even your employee may never have known previously. The science of the emotions has some hidden facets that give people a real 'edge' in business and in life."

The Solution to Workplace Stress & Anxiety

Most solutions fall short of delivering what the end-user NEEDS... day one access to evidence based, simple and supportive recovery guidance.

Do you need a tangible solution producing real recovery and health?

We don't trade in coping, managing and handling stress and anxiety...
...we only deal in fast and permanent recovery and life-long wellbeing.

Identifying suffering is vital, but knowing what to do to produce relief and recovery is an entirely different matter.

Uniquely, since 1997 we have provided millions of people with evidence based recovery resources and services which fulfil all FIVE vital pillars of recovery success - Identification of predisposition - Early recognition of suffering - Education - Structure - Seamless Support & Guidance.

Why are WE different?

  • The only organisation to be able to offer services that can pre-determine the predisposition to suffering before even the sufferer knows that they are predisposed and vulnerable.
  • Provision of a responsive, web-app educational portal containing video, written and audio recovery and wellbeing resources and support communication.
  • The only (24 year old and first ever) day-one provider of online, responsive, recovery focused guidance, resources and support.
  • The only provider of psycho-educational recovery with NHS tested recovery efficacy 900% plus above the next best.
  • Unlimited, professional support and guidance by qualified mental health professionals.
  • Online, Workshop, Residential and in-house recovery training.
  • Accreditation of Recovery Practitioners for your workplace through the NCFE.
  • Confidential stress and anxiety recovery coaching using evidence based psycho-education founded on the science of evolution, human biology and over 300,000 case studies.
  • We PROVE to all clients, why other treatments fail. We educate them to understand the real science of the emotions and how to communicate with their control mechanism in order to create emotional wellbeing, resilience and recovery.
  • Our programs focus on recovery leading to maximisation of their physical and mental potential. Naturally, quickly and permanently.


Evolution developed bodily functions within our core genetics - Wellbeing is about utilising them correctly to restore systemic balance.

Our materials 'make sense' because they are founded on the simple science we all learned in school, developed to present easy-to-use, understandable and emotionally compelling solutions that people love and value from day one.

100's of Life Enhancing Resources to use wherever and whenever needed

Audios, videos, webinars and programs for every disorder of the emotions - Grief, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Phobias, Posture and Pain, Health Anxiety, Insomnia... and so much more. Simple to absorb guidance leading to real relief. All of our programs have been developed by psychological professionals and educators to deliver the most effective and speedy relief.

Our Responsive Recovery & Wellbeing Portal

Simply log in to access all of the resources from any device. The portal is accessible from anywhere in the world and optimised for fast video and audio streaming.

Why Provide The Portal to Your Team?

This represents the simplest and most effective access to accredited, professional mental health provisions that work.

Full access to hundreds of mental health recovery and wellbeing tools, resources and programs.

You and your employees will benefit from the most complete suite of mental and physical health and wellbeing tools in the world. We have developed all of our resources over 24 years of psycho-educational practice.

The resources are organised by condition and instructions are explained in clear videos which lead the viewer through a simple 1-2-3 style recovery process.

  1. Fulfils your duty of care
  2. Reduces absenteeis/presenteeism
  3. Reduces the requirement for any other mental health training or Mental Health First Aid
  4. Reduces the chance of absentee related litigation
  5. Provides mental health recovery advice for employees day one and if and when they need it. Anonymously.
  6. Provides mental health education, awareness and first-aid advice and trains employees in signposting other employees to appropriate care and resources.
  7. Addresses all aspects of mental and physical health and wellbeing in one place.
  8. Increases staff morale and enhances productivity.
  9. Creates mental agility and focus whilst removing stress and the potential for developing it.

All of our programs are developed and delivered by our CPD accredited psycho-educational organisation.

Our programmes fall within NICE Guideliness CG113.

We are Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority.

Our team are all BACP and BPS psychology professionals and educators.

We are UKRLP and Trading Standards Partners.

To talk to a programs coordinator, please fill in the form below or call us on +44(0)1562 742004

Company Mental Health Education, Recognition & Signposting Training Course


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