Charles Linden's Anxiety Disorder Recovery Workshops

The Coaching Guidance that will Erase Your Anxiety Disorder & Release Your Full Physical & Mental Potential

Includes full Linden Method membership & community access,Ā unlimited ongoing support from our team and our library of recovery and wellbeing resources

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I am going to PERSONALLY teach you exactly how to recover.

I'll, not only, going to teach you how to recover fast, but also how to become more focused, intellectually capable and resilient than you ever thought possible. This is just simple science correctly applied. It can't fail.

You will be taught how to quickly recover from:

  • Generalised anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Agoraphobia/Monophobia

  • PTSD

  • OCD

  • Pure O - HOCD, POCD, ROCD

  • Emetophobia

  • Fear of dying

  • Eating Disorders

  • Self-harming

  • Fear of fainting

  • Scrupulosity

  • Low mood/depression

  • Overthinking

  • Inapproriate thoughts

  • Hair pulling / ticks

"Learn FULL & Permanent Recovery In My Anxiety Disorder Recovery Workshops"

Charles will teach you what you will have never heard before. The science of your disorder and more importantly, the science of your recovery.

You will KNOW with no doubt, what to do to recover from your condition quickly, effectively and with life-long results.

You will know why you suffered and why no other treatment had worked.

Charles will give you simple instructions on how to deactivate fear today and how to ensure that your anxiety condition never returns. Effortless, recovery and a 'no maintenance' future.

He did this himself and has since taught thousands from around the world to understand their condition with REAL science, NOT the modified version of science psychology and psychiatry chose to use.

What do you get?

Recovery workshops, live lounge sessions and interaction with Charles himself and the recovery team.

1. Charles Recovery Workshops. Ask Charles any questions. Live.
2. Full, membership to The Linden Method program.
4. Access to the recovery portal & all current & future resources & updates.

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15 year old Hollie

18 year old Marshall

15 year old Kyle

You will be led to full recovery

"This isn't rocket science... it's high-school biology correctly applied. Your mind and body moves between emotional states constantly... you know that because you experience it daily. I will show you how to 'hack' that system and restore life-long emotional balance and peace. How to become the authentic and amazing YOU." Charles

I have never failed to cure a compliant client

"YES, you have to listen and take instruction BUT in 24 years and over 9,000 private clients and over 300,000 program users I have never failed to create recovery. No drugs, no talking therapy, no analysis, just simple, straight-forward instruction on how to remove emotional imbalance and regain full control over your emotions, life and future." Charles

Some People Charles Has helped

Charles' clients are everyone from stay-at-home mums to aristocracy, sports-people, celebrities, musicians... in fact, you name it, he has helped them. Charles has very little time to spare but his 'direct client' work has always formed the basis of what he loves and lives to do in life.

You will benefit from the most effective anxiety recovery educator in the world.

Charles Linden coaches some of the world's most famous and successful people. He is an advisor to sports people, Apist actors, musicians and even aristocracy from around the world and he will provide his time to make sure you get what you need in order to fully recover.

About Charles & Linden Tree Education

Unique provision of real recovery solutions since 1997

"I will work with you to create fast and permanent recovery from your anxiety condition. All you have to do is listen and DO. I have never seen the process fail. If you are anxious and human... it can't fail." Charles Linden


Charles Linden is CEO of Linden Tree Education and Anxiety Recovery Retreats.

Charles is the world's leading anxiety disorder recovery expert, educator, coach, consultant, author, TV/online TV presenter and radio and TV guest.

Charles is author of over 100 published works through Hay House Publishing, Lifewise Publishing and Linden Tree Education. Charles is Anxiety Disorder Recovery Consultant to TV and film, radio, many corporates and a large and ever changing group of clients and celebrities.

Charles provides first aid services to a large group of organizations and clients who have an immediate, high level, requirement to get someone bacl on stage, on set, on the field or back at their desk. Charles' efficacy at achieving this is almost 100%.

Does it work? Charles' work is world renowned and has been tested using data analaysis specified by the UK's National Health Service at Copenhagen University. Efficacy provided evidence of above 96% recovery efficacy.

Since 1997 Charles and his team have treated over 300,000 people with unmatched efficacy and the recovery programs and consultancy provided, which are accredited through the NCFE have become the Gold Standard for recovery practice.

UKRLP - NCFE - TRading Standards Partners - BPS & BACP Team


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