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Why Join The Linden Method?

It all depends on what you want...

Days roll by and nothing changes. The same drugs, therapies, tips, advice and tricks over and over... with no sign of relief.

Why? Because in order to switch off your disordered thoughts and symptoms, your mind and body MUST go through a process that developed during evolution, there is no other way to feel better. That's simple science.

If you're sick and tired of everything failing and just want fast, simple, scientific relief from your anxiety conditions, The Linden Method guidance and recovery support team will provide just that, right now - and the #1 reason to do this is simple... it can't fail. Ignoring the science is ignoring recovery.

TLM is government tested with outcome results confirming 100% recovery outcomes. By the end of today, you will feel very different.

Why do our clients love us? Because we do the job others can't.



Be... Free To Live, To Work & To Fulfill Your Dreams.
FULL Restoration of Cognitive Balance & Function
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310,000 People Helped Since 1997


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If you could DO EXACTLY what ALL recovered sufferers did to eliminate their anxiety conditions, you would ... wouldn't you?

Well, you can.

Why am I so sure?

I am so sure because I have achieved it myself, and because I have witnessed the incredible recoveries of tens of thousands (Over 310,000 in 2019) of my clients who suffered from the mildest to the most severe anxiety conditions. Check out what the professionals say here.

The recognition of The Linden Method as an academically endorsed programme of recovery and one that really does do what it claims to do, has meant that the programme has gone from being a self help programme to being recommended and used by medics, clinics, psychologists and other practitioners from around the world... because it works!

Do you experience any of the following physical anxiety symptoms?

Generalised anxiety; anxiety attacks; panic attacks; dizziness; stomach complaints; fatigue; insomnia; breathlessness; difficulty swallowing; heart racing; depression; mood swings; chest and/or muscle pains; palpitations; sweating or other anxiety / panic attack symptoms.

Do you experience any of these psychological symptoms?

Constant worry; obsessive thoughts; anxiety about your health; anxiety about dentist; doctor or hospital visits; thoughts about death; thoughts about harming yourself or others; agoraphobia; confusion; mood swings; sudden anxiety attacks; feeling like you are 'going mad'; disturbing dreams; depersonalisation (feeling removed from yourself), derealisation (feeling like you are in a dream) or other weird thoughts or notions.

I know first hand how it feels to experience these symptoms constantly.

I know how alone and hopeless you may be feeling.

Most importantly, I know exactly what to do to change all that for you - that I can promise you.

I will show you what you can do IMMEDIATELY to quickly erase these symptoms.


The Linden Method will show you how to...

  • Remove high anxiety & panic attacks
  • Remove obsessive thoughts and behaviours
  • STOP obsessively 'checking' symptoms and sensations
  • Remove negative or depressive thoughts
  • Create a solid anxiuety and panic attacks free foundation for the future
  • Create clarity, strength, happiness and fulfillment in every aspect of your life
  • Never start the day again by analysing how you feel
  • Catch up on all the time you lost because of your anxiety and panic attacks
  • Start afresh from a solid foundation
  • Rekindle the exciting prospects and challenges you used to dream of - free from anxiety
  • Rekindle your social and family life
  • Become someone who is a pleasure to spend time with
  • Create physical balance and fitness
  • Turn back the physical clock to before you had anxiety and panic attacks
  • Consider life stresses as challenges or never consider them at all
  • Use your 'Creative Intellect' productively, instead of to fuel panic attacks and anxiety
  • Inspire others instead of being a burden to those you love
  • Function normally again - NO anxiety, NO OCD, NO phobias, NO panic attacks

Let me tell you, you can do this with little effort and the speed of your recovery will shock you!

Anxiety recovery is a given - if you are human and have high anxiety, you can be cured - all that remains is for you to put in place a simple process, that 7 year old clients do with ease, that will instantly act on the anxiety control centre... the anxiety simply switches itself OFF.

No medication, no therapy, no hypnosis, in fact, no other device or treatment provides this highly targeted technique.

"The Linden Method's claims of permanent recovery can be justified. It is not a quick fix but rather a philosophy of life. A set of tools to keep you anxiety free and to promote appropriate emotional responses."
Dr Francis James.


The Linden Method has been 'distilled' from the richest source of evidence available - recovered anxiety and panic attacks sufferers themselves; so we KNOW that it will end your search for a solution that really 'does what it says on the can'.

The results experienced are not those of just a handful of people in a random test group, they are the results experienced by every complying programme participant.

Perhaps your anxiety or panic attacks are mild.

It could be that OUR anxiety only effects you when you feel stressed, visit the dentist or make public speeches for example.

It could be that you suffer with constant anxiety attacks, phobias, OCD, obsessive thoughts, depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder or stress.

Maybe you are plagued by weird or disturbing thoughts, confusion, aggression or obsessions.

Regardless of how your anxiety manifests itself, the underlying cause and the solution are the same in EVERY single case and it's so simple, and fast!



The NUMBER 1 Most Important Fact for Sufferers

Anxiety is NOT fear. Here's why.

Anxiety is a 'systemic disorder' that manifests as panic, obsessions, phobias and compulsions and is often accompanied with depression-like feelings, BUT, anxiety is curable. What is systemic disorder? It's any condition that results from imbalance in any of your bodily systems.

FEAR is a natural human emotion. Anxiety is the DISORDER of that emotion.

When disorder is cured, you will return to normal fear responses and all of the phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood disappear. You do NOT have to learn to manage or cope with, anxiety. You can erase it quickly when you know how. This is simple, established human biology.

Other treatments fail because they address the symptoms... the thoughts and feelings created by the disorder... TLM works with 100% efficacy because it addresses the cause directly. What is the cause? It's your ability to suffer.  50% of all people cannot suffer with anxiety conditions. We will prove to you that you have total control over your emotions and your condition and show you how to erase it fast. The only solution.

TLM Produces Fast FULL Restoration of Cognitive Balance & Function

Why Are We Different?

Because since 1997, we have provided recovery focused solutions. As Trading Standards partners we work within strict advertising policies - our client recovery reviews represent the largest quantity of real recovery evidence available. NHS specified testing demonstrated unmatched recovery outcomes nine times higher than elsewhere in mental healthcare. Our clients recover.

Join The Linden Method® Today!

310,000 people around the world have used The Linden Method to eliminate their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias.


Despite what you have read, seen or heard, anxiety disorders are NOT mental illnesses.

Your 'fear response' is disordered... but that's not 'illness'.
Like unfitness for example, there is just ONE solution.

You and all anxiety disorder sufferers are told that you need medication, talking therapy, relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, EFT, EMDR... and the list goes on.

But, PLEASE understand this in the context of your own anxiety experiences.

I am sure you have tried some, or all, of those treatments... BUT... are you recovered?

No, of course not... but why are you and millions more people still suffering after using these 'treatments'?

Because they CANNOT work.

Using those treatments is your choice, but science dictates that they cannot and will not work.

Attempting to 'relax', 'medicate' or 'talk' your way out of 'anxiety disorder' is as illogical and unscientific as attempting to relax, medicate or talk yourself into fitness.

Those 'treatments' seem like the easiest, most qualified and accessible solutions, but they are not and anyone who tells you otherwise, even if they seem highly qualified, are either misinformed or deceiving you.

We will prove this to you.

Science, human evolution, research, clinical testing and 24 years experience helping millions of people and the evidence based solution you can access today that will immediately transform how you feel, think and behave are the basis for this fact.

The first video you watch will transform everything for you. It will make you quickly see why nothing has worked and why this absolutely will!

What Is The Linden Method?


  • It is a guided self-help, SOLUTION FOCUSED program for anxiety/emotional disorders.
  • Apply it, as instructed and you can expect to fully recover from your anxiety disorder and live the life you deserve.
  • If integrated into your life, as instructed, it cannot fail. It is like eating to cure hunger!
  • It works because it is based on science and not psychology. You cannot talk or think your way out of an anxiety disorder!
  • The program does not require you to look into your past – it takes you forward from the here and now and gets you onto the path to recovery, FAST!
  • It is medication and supplement free. (You do not have to stop your medication if you are currently taking it).

What it isn’t…

  • It is NOT talking therapy
  • It is NOT CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy)
  • It is NOT hypnotherapy
  • It is NOT exposure or distraction therapy
  • It is does not ask you to find causes and examine your past (which can often make symptoms worse and delay recovery)
  • It is not a book!

What do you receive when you join?

  • Immediate access to simple recovery instruction videos.
  • Unlimited telephone and email coaching support from our Anxiety Recovery Support Specialists (all of whom have recovered from an anxiety condition).
  • A mine of recovery resources to help you to stop and overcome anxious thoughts, physical symptoms, phobias, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, overthinking, depressive thoughts... in fact every manifestation. Fast.
  • You receive everything we have developed since 1997 that has greater recovery efficacy than any other process availble. NHS testing demonstrated that this is more effective than any other process. (100% recovery in tested patients).


For limited numbers, Charles is now offering full Linden Method membership plus the chance to spend time with him in his interactive training centre.

Charles will help you to recover and offer solutions to your questions in this exclusive, meber only, event. Book your place and membership using the link below.


Join The Linden Method® Today!

310,000 people around the world have used The Linden Method to eliminate their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias.


Benefits - Why should you do this now?

Some of the many benefits of TLM's recovery pathway

  1. Nothing else has worked for you - We know that because there's only one humanly possible process that CAN work... and there's a sound scientific reason for that (which you will learn)... because only ONE process in humans reduces anxiety levels and no other 'treatment' provides you with that process. TLM gives you that process on entering.
  2. You are losing valuable time - TIME is one of the only comodites for which there is no chance of a refund. Every second you to lose to anxiety is gone forever, so let us help you to stop that loss as the number one priority.
  3. You are affecting your home and work (school) life - EVERYTHING you do is done 'firing on one cylinder'. Anxiety is SO resource hungry that more than 70% of your mind and body are busy fighting an invisible tiger. You can't be an effective human, parent, partner or worker when in an anxious mental and physical state. For the sake of everything you hold dear, fast and real recovery is the only option so allow us to get you there.
  4. Energy levels - You are depleted. Physically, mentally and chemically, your bodily systems are tired - all because you are in a constant cycle of imaginary 'risk' - fighting a fictitious tiger. Every aspect of your body and mind is low on every conceivable resource NOW... but not tomorrow. By deactivating high level fear today, your mind and body will restore body and mind-wide balance FAST.
  5. Your racing mind - Overthinking, procrastination, catastrophizing, risk analysis, checking... all form a vital part of the fear response BUT, in you, they are 'stuck on'... today, you can deactivate them all and we will show you how.
  6. Introspection - Switch off the constant cycle of 'what if', risk assessment thoughts. We will show you how to quickly, naturally and scientifically switch off 'negativity' so that you wake up excited about the day instead of checking, catastrophizing and 'what if'ing'... you will live your days without giving fear, phobia or obsessions a single thought.
  7. Despair - As time passes and nothing works... as people tell you that you have to try to THINK your way out, TALK your way out, medicate yourself and cope with the symptoms, confusion, despair and low mood kick in. But this is NOT depression. As you enter into the TLM portal, you will watch a video that immediately changes your brain chemicals... how? The only way it can, through digesting the data in the video and activating the chemicals that create a sense of relief, joy and total belief that recovery is about to happen.
  8. FULL restoration of cognitive balance and function leading to physical and mental health and wellbeing.


Our Linden Method Specialists will support you through every step of your recovery when YOU need it! Call us - we are waiting to help you.


You can call any centre at any time and always get a friendly and competent response to all of your questions or concerns. You can even visit us if it makes you feel more comfortable.

The level of support and care you will receive from us is second to none, that is for certain. Imagine trying to call your doctor, therapist or psychologist out of hours... or even in hours in most cases! Trust me, it takes days to get a response... if ever!

For free, impartial advice...

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Join The Linden Method® Today!

310,000 people around the world have used The Linden Method to eliminate their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias.


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Over 310,000 clients have used TLM.
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Join The Linden Method® Today!

310,000 people around the world have used The Linden Method to eliminate their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias.



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