Simple Anxiety Disorder Recovery Instruction

Mind-Education for All Ages

The #1 Rated Solution Provider For Full Recovery From All Anxiety Disorders.

Over 80,000 Children & 230,000 Adults have recovered using our simple to use programs.

SINCE 1997 - Government Tested - 100% Recovery Outcomes

What do we offer?

Recovery Education & Coaching

The oldest provider of remote recovery.

Face-to-Face Recovery Coaching Sessions

With accredited professionals.

Recovery Workshops & Residential Retreats

Life-changing recovery events.

What Do You Get in Your Recovery Program?

Developed over 23 years practice, the guidance and resources provide the shortest route to full recovery possible.

Simple To Use Recovery Instructions

23 years experience rolled into one simple to access and use, solution. It's common sense and can't fail.

Unlimited Professional Guidance

Telephone and email guidance from qualified recovery coaches who have all suffered and recovered from anxiety disorders.

Anxiety, Panic, Phobia & Obsession Resources

Dozens of resources to speed-up and seal your recovery - addressing every conceivable symptom and thought.

The Science of Recovery Correctly Applied

Ever Wondered Why Your Treatments Disn't Cure You?
Human evolution developed one process to create emotion. Anxiety disorders develop within that system. No other practice uses this science - which is why nothing has cured you. YET!.


Over the past 20 years we have helped over 310,000 people, globally, to recover from all forms of anxiety disorder. 


We'll teach you the true science of anxiety disorders, their symptoms and more importantly, how to remove them.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix - Panic Attacks Stopper. Phobia Stopper. Instant Relief. Tools for deactivating it all FAST and for good.


All of the psychologists that work at LTE have lived with and recovered from anxiety using the Method.



You Will Receive FREE, Unlimited Professional Recovery Sessions & Support When or If You Need Them

"We will provide you with instant anxiety reduction guidance that will immediately reduce your anxiety, increase your confidence and guide you to full removal of all anxious thoughts, compulsions and symptoms" Beth - Director. LTE

Fast, drug-free anxiety recovery is, not only, possible, but also guaranteed by science..

You will experience instant relief as you realize that you hold the power to switch off your disorder without drugs, therapy or any other process FAST. You will FULLY understand why nothing has helped you so far and why mental health services offer no hope for sufferers.

When you access the guidance, the first video will dramatically reduce your anxiety levels, reassure you and also make you quickly realize why nothing else has worked so far.

Is it effective?

24 years practice - over 300,000 clients - 1000's of recovery testimonials.
No Other Organization Produces Such Fast & Curative Results.

The science of anxiety, fear and emotional control is hardwired into all of us and we will show you how to quickly and permanently undo the changes in your fear levels that manifest as anxiety and all of the associated phobias, obsessive thoughts and emotional experiences.

Our programs have been government tested. Their findings echo our historic results - Totally effective at full removal of all anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood. It scientifically deactivates fear disorders.

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I went from The Priory to Recovery in days

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