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If you would also like to receive printed support materials so you have hard copies to work with and read then purchase our Printed Support Pack.

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The Linden Method Recovery Program For Children + Unlimited Support by Phone & Email

BUY NOW to begin your child's fast and simple journey to full and lifelong recovery from their anxiety disorder.

What you'll get:

  • Immediate access to The Linden Method and its simple recovery instructions
  • Unlimited email and phone support for 12 months
  • Full, reassuring explanations about every symptom and thought your child has
  • Recovery webinars, explanatory videos & 'quick-fix' apps
  • Relaxation audios to help your child de-stress and sleep better
  • Videos explaining every aspect of your child's specific disorder
  • Extra materials to explain anxiety, phobias and all anxiety conditions to your child

...and SO much more.

You are buying everything you will need to eliminate your child's disorder and restore their emotional & physical balance quickly and FOR LIFE.

What People Are Saying:

I bought The Linden Method pack including cd's, the book and dvd's 3 yrs ago and I cannot believe how my life has changed since. I couldn't have a panic attack now if I tried and my case was extreme where I couldn't leave my front door or be alone for 5 mins without complete panic consuming me. I always recommend The Linden Method to everyone who is struggling with anxiety and stress-related illness. Surprising how many people actually are. I want to take this opportunity to thank Charles and the team for changing my life. Xx

Gemma Sunderland

The Linden Method is so good , the best money I have spent, tried lots and lots of other things they didn't work but The Linden Method has done me more good than the others. I would recommend it to all who suffer.

Margaret Fishwick

TLM - not just life changers they are life savers.

Linda Robson - Actress

Charles Linden is the world's leading expert on anxiety recovery.

Louise Hay - Founder of Hay House

I suffered terribly from anxiety attacks and had had therapy, hypnotherapy, medication tried just about everything this method finally put everything into perspective and helped me understand and overcome my anxiety this was 14 yrs ago. I was sceptical but I can hand on heart say it gave me back my life.

Helen Green