NHS Trials of The Linden Method.

Child Services Trial for The Linden Method

The NHS asked us to help four young people who had become long-term services users within their NHS Trust. The four young people were aged 15 to 17 and were receiving all of the support and service offerings that the NHS could provide to them.

The four NHS feedback forms were created to closely gauge progress. The forms below were completed just one week after the young people started The Linden Method.

The trial was created in order to assess The Linden Method's efficacy in order to role out its use across the trust.

Now for the bad news...

Despite the incredible results and the life-changines experienced by these 4 young people, the NHS decided not to use TLM across the trust.

Why? It was all because the psychology team were concerned that if we cured their patients, they would lose their funding and therefore their jobs.

Despite years of the psychology department's interventions, these children had continued to suffer in ever-increasing amounts, but our intervention had impacted massively in a week.

15 Year Old Hollie on Her Recovery

Hollie was hospitalised by the NHS in The Priory with no improvements. She then did The Linden Method