Since 1997 - Linden Tree Education's recovery experts have helped over 30 million people from around the world to understand and overcome their mental health issues.


Anxiety Disorder Recovery

Hosted by Charles Linden

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"I will prove to you that the science of your condition and of your recovery can be simply understood and used to remove anxiety disorders... without need for therapy, medication or any other treatments." Beth

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Return to normal, calm emotional responses, overcome insomnia, IBS, stress, ME, CFS, physical exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome and more

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Erase anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, intrussive, racing thoughts and all symptoms of anxiety and depression

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Learn How To

Release yourself from disorder, activate your physical and mental resilience and confidence and release your full intellectual and physical potential

The World's First...

We were the first provider of online, remote and residential recovery practice.

Charles Linden is head of Linden Tree Education, the world's leading provider of psycho-educational recovery courses, workshops and residential programs since 1997. The first ever provider of online/remote mental health services.

The Linden Tree psychology and educational team have spent nearly 1/4 century providing millions of people from around the world with access to evidence based, simple, scientific recovery instruction, support and resources.

We do not provide coping or management strategies; we will only provide fast and simple recovery instruction which leads sufferers to permanent relief from their conditions. AND we are very good at it. We are so good in fact that we help TV studios, film studios, sports-clubs, sports-people, actors and actresses, all sorts of celebrities and even aristocracy and politicians to get back on track fast. We have become the go-to resource for getting anxiety disorders dealt with fast. It's a reputation built on 24 years of practice and unmatched recovery outcomes.

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